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Def Missions - Last Round Loot Not Given At Random. When Will This Get Finally Fixed?


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Just finished a run on Berehynia (Sedna), and at wave 8 or something we got a Tower 4 exterminate key and proceeded to leave at round end.
After that my friend whom i was playing with got the key, and i did not. It does not appear in the loot window, it does not appear when i click the void and want to start a game, its just goan.
As i read the forum, it seems this issue is around for a while now... i just kinda want to swear at someone really hard till they are sorry for being alive. Because this is DE. Create one of the most farm oriented game on the entire god damn market, and leave bugs around where you simply wont get the crap you farmed for X hours long.

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This is happening alot to me and my friends atm, whenever we do a mission that goes like past round 6 it seems likely to happen where it seems 2 of us a bit at random won't get the loot. Have experienced it with both Defense and Interception missions. It has gotten to a point to where whenever we get a loot we want we try to do at least 2 more waves to try and safe it, might just be random but it seems to help the odds of getting the loot.

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