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The New Save Loadout Option In The Arsenal Is Amazing.


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It took me a while to figure out the top part is where the loadouts were kept but HOLY MOLY I LOVE THIS.


Thank you so much DE, you don't know how happy this makes me!!


Speaking of which, I didn't see this in the patch notes, was this ninja'd in?

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I went back to play some Mechwarrior Online a while back and was so used to Warframe that, when the time came to switch mech, I couldn't find the loadout option.


Instead of just rebuilding the mech I wanted with the parts scattered or equiped elsewhere left and right I flat out quit the game. Funny thing is I'm pretty sure the OLD mechwarrior games allowed you to save loadouts, hmmm, o well.

So then I went back to Warframe.

True story.

About the Warframe loadouts, I would find it nice if tiers of founders or Prime Access (or certain amount of platium bought) would unlock more loadouts. I'm mastery 13 and find myself recreating loadouts almost as often as before loadouts existed, so few loadout ''bays'' I have.

Maybe I have too many warframes/weapons? xD

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