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"wave Complete" Defense Bug


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I encountered this bug deep into a defense mission. Everything was normal until we ended the final wave and I encountered a rather blank extract or battle screen. I am unable to select either of them, nor am I able to get out of this screen. t'is rather frustrating. 

I wouldnt be making a thread about it except that it also occurred to another guy in the mission I was in before this one

While i was making this thread i decided to sit in game and see what happens. luckily I was in a safe place while my team continued on without me and when the next round was over they extracted and it took me with them. ending the mission in a success and finally getting me out of the screen. 

below is a printscreen of the window i was locked in.


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I had this also. Two members of a four mean team got a the blank extraction screen on round 35 of Tower IV Defense, with all four players listed as "NO NAME". When the mission resumed, we were still stuck in screen, and with two players disabled the mission failed as a result. I tried to take a screen shot, but it just came out as a black box.

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Bug still occuring, ODD wave 35, at least one wasn't stuck
Tried to screen, doing so ejected me

here is my EE.log, incident happened towards the end of file, time tag 1114 or so
sorry it's huge, have the habit of not restarting the game and letting it run in background :p

and here is the screen :

My dxdiag :
not present on the diag is my old 470GTX wich is used for physics only


Rig is :

Cooler Master modular 850W gold power supply

AsRock x58 Extreme 3
I7 950 @ stock @ 1.128V
Kingston PC31600@cas9 3x4Go KHX1600C9D3X/4GX running 1600@cas9
Corsair PC31600@cas8 3x2Go CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 running 1600@cas9
Zotac 660Ti amp! 2Go edition
Asus 470GTX
SSD OCZ Agility 3 250Go < Windows + game here
HDD Seagate 7200.14 500Go x3 @ raid 5 < pagefile there
HDD Seagate hybrid ST1000DX001
HDD Hitachi 2To "green"
Win8.1 64bit up to date
NVidia Gefore driver V344.48
all other drivers are the last ones available for each part

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