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Revert Enemy Level System


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This new planet leveling system is really stupid, for Example, on Pluto Cerberus I can usually 2-4 shot corpus with a lvl 7 Lanka with Serration on

Now I die before I could even do it, also I would use Zephyr Turbulence back then to not die, but now even with that on I can't stay alive

In Ceres Kiste I still can't lvl things up, its like its really hard to do with the amounts of Napalms but more xp but I'm lvling things so its hard.
Also what was the purpose of changing the lvls either way? What was the point? What is the fun is lvling if your gonna die every time

Also you already know how hard its to lvl a Warframe already a tiny bit, but you add this pressure, seems lil but is large.

You may say " Just do Sedna, Kappa "
But not as much XP as Cerberus or Kiste

Plus how do you even beat Uranus-Caelus
That difficulty is hard even if its states 27-29 lvl Grinner.

If you can lower or put back/revert the old system with the lvls where Cerberus Pluto and Kiste Ceres were actually playable, then this would solve this problem too with Uranus Caelus

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Jupiter and Saturn are a popular place to level up new frames and weapons.  For one, the enemies are not too difficult and offer enough XP to justify their difficulty.


I see no reason or you to level your gear on higher level planets other than to be a masochist.  The enemies don't give enough xp for their difficulty and it just makes it frustrating to play.


Go play Survival on Saturn for 20-30 minutes and you can get an unranked weapon or warframe up to about level 15 if you only take one weapon.

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Also, there must also be resources that you need restock (like nuerodes). Kill two birds with one stone and find an endless map with the resource you need and do that instead. I do it all the time with the earth excavations to get neurodes and level all of my gear.


You will not only accomplish your goal of experience but be rewarded by additional much needed supplies

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my only issue is the aimbots DE just handed the grineer...hitscan hurts when a sniper at high level can 2-6 shot you and they put 5 shots (per unit...i've ran into 4 of them when a door opened and just shot to death before i could even react lol) down range before you even tend to see them hiding behind their little box/railing. other than that the other stuff is easy to work around and you just have to change your play style. the change of enemy accuracy is what made the higher levels harder not them just being higher level...as DE put it they no longer shoot like storm troopers. 

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"I can't powerlevel my Unranked gear because the difficulty scale has been ramped up".


That about it?


Even some Sechura maps and a bunch of others should be looked at again because they boil down to "stand here, shoot there" until the guns you have take a bit too long, so you restart map from wave 1.


Having an entire Solar Map that is deserted other then the "hotspots" is a massive waste of nodes. There should be reason to go to each one.

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