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Can Hydroid Tentacle Swarm Hurt The Defence Objective?!


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I had this ODD Group and some dude told me to not use the ulti near the defence object since it could kill the objective.


I got mad and left the group at wave 15, was no fun anymore if i cant use my spells,.


Is it true? feels pretty stupid if thats the case, whats the point of the warframe?



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The tentacles themselves cant hurt the pod.


But leapers and ancients, since they have AOE, and tend to cause AOE even if you kill them, cause damage to the pod if they are anywhere near it.


Since Hydroid's tentacles cant be focused in one spot, the tentacles have a tendancy to swing leapers/ancients around and right into the pod.


This is why Vaubans usually throw their Vortex a couple meters AWAY from the pod so all the bursting enemies cant hurt it.




Of course if these enemies didn't burst when killed, you could bring almost any frame into the map you want. (please DE)


as a Hydroid you probably shouldn't use tentacle swarm in ODD especially in later waves.

not because it's harmful but because it just delays the enemies since the tentacles cant kill them and after the tentacles recede, the enemies will crowd the pod regardless.


Instead you should call down TEMPEST BARRAGE, your first skill at the the area around the pod itself, or at Vauban's Vortex if there happens to be one. Mainly because they stun enemies in a much smaller aoe and does damage while not preventing far-away enemies from approaching. Plus it costs you way less energy to cast BARRAGE which means you won't have to leap into the orgy of ancients scurrying around looking for orbs.

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