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Feedback And Ideas For Well Of Life


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Well of Life is Trinity's least favored ability. It's healing effect overlaps with Blessing, but is much less effective. It also multiplies enemy health by 10. I understand this allows teammates to get more health from the target, but for most of the time, this is just annoying.


Pool of Life, the new Augment mod for  Well of Life doesn't sound good either. It's pretty redundant. Well of Life itself already heals and again, Blessing is more useful when it comes to healing. Not to mention health orbs only heals 25 hp, which is very little. The extra energy orbs is redundant, too. Trinity can bring energy to teammates with Energy Vampire easily.


My suggestion for Well of Life is to make it more unique so it doesn't overlap with Blessing.


Type A: Make teammates more tanky to reasonable extend.

Well of Life marks all nearby enemy. When teammate attack marked enemy with their weapon, they restore health through life steal. However, if their health is already full, they gain bonus health on top of their maximum health.

-Maximum bonus health is affected by power strength, and possibly players' total maximum health.

-Bonus health has nothing to do with any health resotre(Blessing, Rejuvenation, Life Strike or anything that restores health). It can only be acquired through Well of Life when your health is full.

-Bonus health does not effect Blessing's damage resistance calculation(A reminder to DE programmers in case we get negative damage resistance).


Type B: CC/Healing hybrid

Well of Life marks an enemy. All of his attack and ability heals Tenno instead of damaging. Marked enemy is unable to knock down Tenno. When used on boss, the healing is replaced with damage reduction.


As for Pool of Life, I don't have particular ideas for it, but it definitely needs some changing. So what do you think?

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