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Changes To Radial Javelin If Los Is Remaining


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With the recent changes to RJ now requiring LoS to work there are a few changes that should at least be made to balance out this nerf.  Without them RJ will just go back to what it was before the nerf: an ability you have but never use because nearly anything is better in all circumstances.

The changes aren't big but I think that they would go a long way to increasing its usability
First: Removing the 2.5 second animation at the end of casting the ability.
Seriously, this is what pretty much requires that RJ not need LoS.
No other ability or ultimate in the game leaves you standing there completely helpless and by necessity in the wide open for nearly 3 seconds after the ability has finished casting.
Because it's impossible to be psychic its impossible to tell that a few heavy gunners or techs are right behind a door and will waltz through and gun you down in the 2.5 seconds it takes for Excal to swing his sword around and then remember "Oh hey, I have legs and can move"

Before the nerf the 2.5 second downtime didn't matter as you could use it safely behind cover without worrying that a strong enemy is going to round the corner and rip you apart before you could even start to move again.

Further, no other ability in the game has a 3.5 second casting time that leaves you completely open to enemy attacks with no way to cancel and get to safety.  And for an ultimate that's unacceptable that it does that.

Second: Increase the stun length to at least 5 seconds, and/or make that duration affected by duration mods.
As it is now the 3 second stun is not worth it.  Not long enough to even re-position yourself (especially when coupled with the 2.5 second animation that leaves the Excal with only half a second of stun).  So they should increase the stun duration so that he actually has more utility with his ability.
And with the LoS nerf, it would still be far from OP but would actually be worth the energy it takes to cast it.

There are probably other QoL changes that need to be made to the ability, but I think that these above changes at the very least would do something to balance out the major nerf it got.

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