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Update #2 is Here!


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Patch #2 is here!

Our second patch is here, and as usual, close and re-launch your game to receive the update.

Your build will display the following upon a successful patch: 2012.

Patch Revision Notes:

- Fixed cipher panels not activating after breaking out windows at end of defense mission

- Fixed enemy count in extermination missions

- Got rid of red progress bars over bleeding-out players

- Fixed floating infestation worms/snails

- Fixed exploit where you could choose a locked color when exiting the color picker

- Improved responsiveness when picking up mods and other pickups

- Tweaked XP (leveling) curves, should take much longer to rank up

- Smoothed out animation transitions for mantling and rolling

- Added low health indicators and feedback when taking damage

- Nerfed Snipetron, added scope effects

- Reduced Grineer Commander spawn frequency

- Fixed quest card missions not playing as intended

- Fixed high level mods dropping inappropriately

- Various crashes fixed

Community Notes: “Starting from Scratch”

With this patch, you’ll notice all of our accounts have been reset. We're reseting accounts to test changes to difficulty and ranks. Although this is typical of Beta testing, we are developing a bonus system for top players which will be implemented for future resets.

Now let’s start from scratch!

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A good idea is, during the Closed beta, when the account is reseted, we can Pick our Favorite Warframe, i really miss the Rhino....


I want my Rhino !!!!!!!!!

okay, it passed.....

Let's talk serious

I think, The evolution system is better and more slow, this is good, but now, get 125000 Cr to buy a Warframe is really expensive and Hard ( And it had to be that way, is the correct thing to do)

And the weapon balance is really good now.

Good Job Team.

Continue in that way and the game will be awesome.

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well i reached my 10k kills so that's something atleast, still wishing it would've cumulated for a little longer ;_;

i was aiming for ur rank :D i had like 7k+ going 8k planning to get to 2nd today, but sad account reset.

well good patch anyway! :D

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wow is that just me or the accounts got re-started but the dificult was kept the same? oO

took me too damn long to finish just 1 spy mission ranked as "Difficult: Rank 2" o.o not to mention that, for now, Corpus are somewhat too strong...

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