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New Raids 8Players

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Raids should actually looks like that.

Entering the map with 8 player squad.

-Random type of mission Exterminate, capture etc.
-Next phase Defence the pod while the same time Survival. Some players need to defence the pod and some need to kill enemies and use life supports.
-The third phase. A lot of enemies and random boss arrive with random aura buff.
-4th phase. Ship is destroying by Mother ship (Corpus,Greeniers or Infested etc) and you need to evacuate with Archwings.
-5th phase. Mother ship need to be destroyed.

This is the example how it should work,

It can be changed random things. Like Exterminate + Capture, Exterminate + Rescue etc.
2 bosses at the same time.
Or like on PVP on Dark Sector the same way but a lot of greeniers, corpus or infested, as a players there could be for example Greenier with grenade launcher with 2x higher level. You need to destroy the cannons take the points etc.

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