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Grineer incoming...on a Corpus ship?


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I've come across this recently. My lady-friend who plays a lot of public games throughout the day says this only happens with me.

It'll happen quite frequently that another faction will appear on another's ship. I've gotten Grineer on Corpus, Corpus on Infected, and Infected on Grineer. The combinations are many, as it doesn't really matter who's ship it is. It does seem to be localized to a certain area, however. When I leave that area, spawns are normal.

Best part of this is, Grineer on a Corpus ship, they shoot at the turrets.

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Personally wether intended or a bug with the generation - I like it. It adds diversity. I found it quite amusing to come across a group of Corpus holding out against the Infected.

I agree, those heavy grineer especially are very helpful in such scenarios :P

Though it's a bit odd when it happens on an infested extermination mission after you've cleared out the map, Lotus says there are no hostiles remaining, but then I run into this poor corpus dude who seems to be lost or something, quite an awkward moment.

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It's very intentional that they are there to fight each other the bug is them shooting at inactive turrets.

What this guy said.

Well, the thing that bothers me is the fact she hasn't run into it, so I'm assuming its just a bug.

It's not a bug but 100% intentional, as can be hinted at in the patch notes of 5.3 - "Surprise mid-mission changeups". ;)

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