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Most Used Warframe/weapon In Profile And Unused Frame/weapon(?)


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1) My first warframe, first rifle, and first pistol got huge amount of XP like +3221673984 (not always the same numbers).

And since they are the first things I had, I got to play with other frames/rifle/pistol too. So for example, it says my Lato has been used 47% of the time while I killed only 1400 enemies with it and about +5000 with a Bronco. I don't know how the percentage is done but I'm not sure it's about bullets spent (otherwise my Gorgon would be 1st).

2) Also, as weird as it could sound, my profile says I used the Mag frame 3% of the time with 0 XP while I never got it. (My guess is that at some point my sis played her account after I played mine and switched back so such bug would occured?)

And it also said I used the Latron 6% of the time, with 0 XP, 0 accuracy and 0 all... The Latron might also be the weapon of my sis' Mag Frame.

Thanks for your hard work.


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