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Mighty Mountain clan void Hunterz very active fun accept new an old playerz laid back but competitive clan


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Players plz stand by as my clan we are goin to throw up a vote whether to go to moon or not plz stand by :)

Mountain Clan: Void Hunterz

Website: http://voidhunterz.wix.com/voidhunterz

Alliance: Ea celestrial dragons

Custom emblem

Members 300

Massive dojo

100% research

The void hunterz are a mountain clan of 300 members we are very active an are always growing looking for new an old players we are very accepting an we have time to teach a help new players grow into great players we are always farming for prime frames an weapons enjoying the finner things in the game like destroying the void an hitting any lvls of tower from 1 to 4 if you feel like this is a clan that you would like to join an grow please feel free to msg me on psn if you have any further questions psn name is[ denden182 ] or [ skip3434 ]

Thanks for reading


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