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Items Not Showing Up Whilst Trading


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This bug has been bothering me for about a month now, I do a lot of buying and selling in the trade chat. I've noticed this bug WAY to many times now for me to just ignore it. I sell a lot of mods and prime sets and about 70% of the time either i can't see what items they put in the trade or they can't see mine. First few times this happened I chopped it up to scammers wanting me to press accept trade and then it'll still give me the plat/items they offered, then i end up with nothing and they get my stuff. After this happened the 3rd time i started to think either the game is full of scammers or something is clearly wrong, Below I'll take you though the bug.


Example; (in trade chat the item is just an example its not only mods that have this problem) I'm selling blaze for 20 p. (I get a response) sure i'll buy it your dojo or mine? (i invite them to me dojo i open up the trade we both have trades for the day i press his name he accepts the trade window opens)


(i enter in the mod Blaze, i wait... 1 min passes he hasn't put in the plat i ask) Hello? (he anwsers) waitin on you to put blaze up.

(i've now had blaze up for over a min he can't see it and i can't see the plat he has put up)


These are the things i've tried to fix it, with no luck:

I've tried canceling the trade and having him request a trade with me, doesn't help.

I've had them invite me to their dojo trade me, no change

I've tried trading them in their dojo, no change

I've tried rebooting the game, and cycling the previous steps. No change.

I've tried Rebooting my computer and cycling the previous steps. No change.


the only thing that's worked is waiting a day and selling it to them then... which seems like a huge hassle and makes no sense. 90% of the time with the exception of one trader i just end up giving up and selling it to another person, which seems unfair to the people who i can't trade with


Also again want to mention we both had trades left for the day so thats not the problem, Also its not just mods I'm having this problem with multiple people and items for trade. it seems to be a 50% chance if I can even trade with people at all. I'd also like to state its not lag i have 32 ping on avrg to the game, and the trades i've seen lag it takes maybe 10 secounds to get from selecting the mod/item and it appearing in the trade menu.


I'm not looking for any compensation just submitting a bug report hopefully you guys can get this fixed because this has been quite a hassle.


Best of luck,


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Are you clicking offer after putting your stuff in? It won't show the item(s) to the other party until you click offer.


edit to add: "offer" doesn't commit to the trade, or stop them changing their offer, it just confirms what you're putting in. You may just both be waiting for the other party to click "offer". Once you've clicked "offer" the only way to change your offer is to cancel and retrade. It just stops people from swapping items up after one party has visually confirmed what's there.

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