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My Idea – Probably Bad – For A Clan Room


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Short Version: Create a room where Clan leaders could search for items attained normally with (?) Alerts and create Clan-only missions to obtain the item.


Long Version;


My idea is to have a room that scans the solar system, or universe long term, for specific (?) Alert items. A clan leader, someone with a high enough position, could choose an item to search for. The room would then search for it and have a small % chance of finding it depending on the item (1-10% chance most likely) every hour. Then, when it was found, any clan members could do the mission the same way as an (?) Alert mission, obviously only able to get one item each time. The mission would be available to anyone in the clan until the next time the leaders start searching for an item.


For example if you chose an Orokin Reactor it could have a 3% chance of finding one every hour. Then when it finds it the room creates an (?) Alert mission that is only available to clan members. When the leaders decide they start looking for another item, and people can no longer go on the old mission.



Would it make specific items too easy to get?

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the thing about choosing which item to find means its not random, so yes it would make items too easy to get.


However, if you perhaps changed it to a sort of room (i guess) that a leader can select from the list of items ( like the helmets) so that when its detected by the dojo it sends an alert to the clan. then again its highly redundant as the nexus warframe app does this already.

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