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Would The Incoming Shotgun Buff Affect Secondary Shotguns Add Well?


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i hope so... given that they missed the secondaries when they did the pass the time they implemented the falloff.

Mehh i feel that falloff shouldn't even be a thing, spread already makes damage a problem. Edited by Heidrek
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Well the problem is that nearly all of the older secondary weapons that act like shotguns suffer form to long reloads or bad magazine size. Damage is not so much of a issue and since most don't even have falloff, I doubt DE will add the damage buff to them.


This is my opinon about the broko\akbronko both normal and prime: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/443073-akbronko-normal-and-prime/


It mostly comes down to magazine size and reload speed with some status tweaks to seperate the primes a bit from the others, even at the same or lesser damage then others.


Detron simply needs more status(mara detron kind of work okish as status weapon at high levels because of the higher magazine and quicker firerate, so giving the detron the status to do that properly will work out just fine compared to the mara detron/brakk as more dps focused weapons). Pyrana needs the 1s reload, other than that crit + slash damage makes it fairly good compared to the rest.

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