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Blade Quake


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Sometimes there's an excal on my team.


Sometimes he uses exalted blade.


And when he is near me, the screen CAN'T STOP SHAKING.


Every single time he melees, the screen shakes like he's bashing my monitor with a jat kittag.


I don't think this is a bug, but I think it should be removed.



Anyone else experienced this nuisance?

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Certain wall-like objects trigger it. For example Frosts' globe. It will trigger on entering AND on leaving the globe. This is especially hellish if someone like me who is using Arcane Strike + Berserker build is anywhere near those globes...not only do I lose any control I have over my aim....nearby teammates will suffer the same. 

DE should really change that. Other games generally have a "No screenshake" option...because let's be real, screenshake is nice for normal Triple-A singleplayer shooters that have an explosion once every minute...but in WF where you can have nukes exploding dozens of times per second...it is a very bad choice.

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