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Strun Wraith Reload Bug?


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Not sure if it's a bug but if you hit reload again while reloading your strun wraith (haven't tried it for other shotguns) it automatically reloads after every shot. For example, if you have a full magazine and you shoot, it automatically reloads.

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I got a similar bug too. Shot the first clip empty, let it reload to full. After that it only shot one shot (7/8 clip) and wanted to reload it afterwards without letting me shoot rest of the clip.


EDIT: If you do a bullet jump while reloading, it will glitch the gun and let you shoot to 7/8 clip and wanting to reload after each shot.


EDIT 2: It's not 100% repro, but it is somehow connected to bullet jumping I think. Or at least somehow connected to canceling the reload.

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