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Slow Update Speed


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Ever since yesterday, I've been having extremely slow update speeds (from the lowest to 3 kb/s to the highest being 53 kb/s). A friend of mine stated that it may be because so many people are downloading the update and/or playing, so I just accepted it and said "Ok, guess I'll download it tomorrow."


That was yesterday, and right now it is at 28 kb/s.


And it isn't my internet speed, because I even re-installed WF and it went at a good speed of 12 mb/s, hell even other games were installed at that speed. Yet for WF, it crawls at a snails pace. 


It's starting to get really frustrating now. 

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The same is happening to me. It's always been like that, with every major update. And everytime, I end up reinstalling the game, downloading it with 5-6 MB/s, and when it comes to the update part, it crawls at around 10-15 kb/s.


I've been on vacation until today, and I really hoped I could play the game, after 2 weeks. Guess not.

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