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Strun Or Strun Wraith?



Long story short, been rounding out my arsenal of shotguns, so far I've finished formaing the Boar Prime, Sobek, and Drakgoon.


May start the Hek next but I want everyone's opinion on these two. The thing with me for the Struns is they have a fairly decent clip size and an okay fire-rate. Seems appealing if their damage is up to par, but I only really want to invest in one right now, not both. 


What is everyone's opinions on these two? As I haven't had the time to test both of them out since the buffs. 


[I will not need modding advice

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Strun Wraith. Primed Point Blank, Hell's Chamber, Blunderbuss, Primed Ravage, Toxic Barrage, Shell Shock, Scattering Inferno, Blaze.


Offhost 100% status chance is what Strun Wraith is all about. Reloading mechanics may have changed, but that part has not.


There's no real reason to use Strun except to be hipster.

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I have a strong feeling that Steve just put some wrong stats for Strun Wraith. I mean, less damage and longer reload than vanilla Strun? Really?

Lightning fast reload was a defining stat for Strun Wraith. I dunno what Steve tried to accomplish with that per-shell reload, but for now he failed miserably.

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Strun Wraith is broken atm.  Total reload has gone up from 2 to 4 seconds.  In theory I think this is supposed to be compensated by being able to shoot at any point in the reload (so if, in the course of reloading, you've only put 2 slugs in so far, you can shoot those 2), but whatever the mechanism is it's broken atm.  The gun doesn't reload during running, you have to be standing still, and then sometimes it sticks at 0 with a glitchy audio effect of constant reloading.


From being one of the most beautiful and perfect weapons in the game, not really needing any kind of adjustment, it's gone to being a buggy mess.


I think even if they fix the bug so it reloads properly, there's still a question of why DE saw fit to "fix" something that wasn't broken and completely change the mode of use of a weapon that was perfect fun to use already.  I mean, was anyone complaining about the Strun Wraith???


Not often disappointed with DE, and love the update generally, but this particular corner of the shotgun changes has really fallen flat.

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