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Rhino 2.0


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rhino can do many good things but it doesn't be the best in any role. For example rhino charge. hyroid's charge has way more distance pusher than charge with duration mods and it doesnt properly give cc compare to hyroid's ability. even the old slash and dash was a better ability cause it can go more distance with more dmg to. Lets check the iron skin now. %20 nerfed it moths ago but even before the nerf it was still a weak defencive ability. i mean trinity mesa valkry even necros with new agument mod has better defense than iron skin. i am using all maxed power str mods but when mobs pass thought level 40 it will shatter after a few shots. it is a prety weak defensive ability. even necros can manage to hold himself from the rhino; that  means iron skin need serious changes. Now its time for the roar. mirage or even the the elemental augment mods of certain frames gives better dmg buffs than roar. so another ability is going to garbage to.And finally the stomp. Weak as a damage dealing ability and weak as a cc. Pleas DE you need change every skills of rhino

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