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  2. That option would be great acutally. Now here are my questions. Since the greatensmallening update on pc light reflections on many surfaces are kinda broken and we have many low resolution textures in many places , players (including myself) has reported these issue with screenshots and videos so will there be a graphical update for pc in the future ? There is an upgreaded version of infested derelict tile sets on Railjack veil tiles. Are we going to see Deimos' regular old derelict maps turn to this new much better looking versions ? (I mean that tile is already in the gam
  3. Yes turn the game with mature audiance tag to fortnight with bird wings and permanent heart shaped arrows. Please add more things for 12 years old cause I think game is not completyle ruined yet
  4. Yesterday on this mission type at first the containment unit didn't spawn for 3 minutes and than we cound't close Mist Name C (after closing it and killing the enemies for preventing the reopening of the fissure , timer keep counting and evantually it will reopen) and we have repeated that for 3 more times than we exit from the cambion drift. Please check all of the arcana bounties cause other mission types may still have these kind of issues
  5. I hope this will not be longer than 3 months
  6. I am agreed with all of you. In one of te old streams people asked for dance emotes after they have brought katas named nartas to the game and DE Geoff said there won't be any dance moves in warframe but after octavia launched we have seen rhinos, altases etc. with meaningless dance moves which are against the game's desing philosohy and seriousness. Warframe has mature tag in it because there is gore in the game, please don't turn this game in to fortnight. Ok now here is my question. When will you release the THE NEW WAR quest ? We have passed the release date more than 1 year . Could we
  7. As you can see in the secreen shot of player count there are nearly 40000 players in prime time of Europe timeline, so if this intermission will stay for 90 ranks and for more than 6 months player count will keep reducing itself. So please let us have another 4 month long nightwave . It will make it endurable for every player and didn't chase away veteran players
  8. Dear Rebecca we have still many low resolution textures in many locations in many tile sets , some places has broken light reflections and many places has inaccurate light mapping, Most of those has come with great ensmallening update will there be fixing for those issues ? Here is some example screenshots: reflections and these are low res textures and here are the inaccurate lights examples My second question is we already have an updated version of the derelict tile set in the in the railjack mission why are we still playing regular old derelict maps on deimos ? I
  9. One hour stream for once in a mounth won't gave enough information especially after problematic releases and lack of test server usage on those released contents . Either stream should be longer with more information and or test periods of upcoming contents should be longer cause without sharing thoughts as comunity and developers I don't think 2021 won't be much diffrent than 2020 for Warframe
  10. I think sentients resistance behavior needs to change . After all they are fodder enemies so after they have been hit by void damage there should be a window for at least 10 to 15 seconds for them to reclaim resistance (like cool down on arcane grace) fodder enemies shound't be that cumbersome , there still many ways to easly kill them but this should be more logical on lore wise too. Tenno shound't tackle to constant resistance gain to much cause right now with their status immunity and constant resistance gain because hit count make them unfun to play against (not hard , unfun) With lic
  11. Epic Games Skins stat bug is still an issue
  12. Yes Ogris and Drakoon is having that issue since the release .
  13. Pixalated textures in upper level supports of Saturn's Relay Low resolution metal textures on same Relay
  14. Yes It happened to me three times so I stoped using the prisma dual decruion on operations. P.S : This issue is not happening on other archguns. Same issued happened to me on nearly every mission I played during the operation, only difrence is sometimes I see lock signs on abilities sometimes abilities looks open but in both situations I can't use the abilities nor I can't exit from the necramech without dying . I don't know how to reproduce that bug but it is happening quite a lot
  15. Voidrig energy energy colors are not working properly since the update came
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