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  1. Why Why the hell did you bring back the charge mechanic . It is ruining the weapon
  2. When there is a vaulted relics came by you can't get regular axi relics from bounties
  3. Farming the Axi relics are becoming an unfun job considering the farming other relic types, we can get the lith , meso , neo relics from void capture missions with in mostly 2-3 minutes while getting the Axi relics from endless missions and spending 16-20 minutes and because this missions are nearly 35 level missions it is becoming boring for many players and totally not fun nor efficient. DEATH CUBE , can't kill anything unlike when it first released, death machine gun rifle realy needs a huge buff and vaporize should turn a one shot one kill ability to guard the name of the sentinel ( I mean killing a single enemy other than bosses (bosses shound't be effected by it) every 20 second won't hurt anything in the game cause we are constantly fighting hordes of enemies ) Life supports from the ships needs a balance we can use them for every 10 minutes and other than liset's ability other ships' abilities are not realy worthing their crafting materials nor the 10 minute cool down. They need some love as well And of course we need informatin about VAUBAN rework
  4. Please I am begging you to add separeted riven slot capacity for arcguns and sentinel weapons . many people are already suffering from the 90 riven slot restriction. We need way more riven capacity slots PLEASE ADD MORE RİVEN SLOT CAPACITY
  5. This topic should be on the first page all the time 😄
  6. Yes I am supporting this to
  7. You are totally distoring the subject in here and that is not a good thing. First of all not my time is vauable all the people's time are valuable . And I didn't gave any intel about that I don't need to spend time to farm prime parts . If that would be my concern I would buy the prime access packs instead of prime accesory pack or even get the prime parts from players which is much cheaper. If comunity manage to get 75percent of the relic types in under 3 minutes why should they should spend 12-20 minutes to get last 25 percent. The trolls that I have talked about didn't gave any information about that question or explain anything about that. They didn't bring any usefull information about how can be fun to same endless missons or mobile defense over over in low level (30-40 level) mission which is even a mastery rank 6 player can easly farm , none of the comments that I gave ı pointed out that farming them are hard but troll responed like " Axi relics are not hard to farm at all" and I already told before we are farming them on low level missions. I have pointed out how much things that we need to a getting prime part of any relics and those things are fine with me cause it is an ARPG but told in ARPGs players should farm for decent loot not any loot (which is anthem players is boycotting anthem right now as we are speaking for that ) and if you are not getting anything decent after spending 20-40 minutes that is not a good thing for an ARPG and even gave as an expamle of trinity primes's first came out and the drop tables of her. Long story short people who cound't even read properly and just responding the topics to just sake of responding without reading the topic properly to just get comment count on their profiles are realy just trolls I pointed out only one solution to the matter which is high level void capture mission so we can get the same treatment to the axi relics and asked if anyone have diffrent solution this matter I have asked them to type it here and didn't force anyone to support my option. So other than sentences "The fact that certain frames are mostly rare parts compared to other frames that are mostly common really skewed the value of frames and I believe that is hurting the economy and community. When these primes get vaulted then it becomes harder for someone who doesn't have the relics to get them." all things you have said are totally wrong about the things I have said mate. Besides if we get the Axi relics faster like lith,neo,meso relics or getting them from bounties with a certain relic without rng (which is the thing before mesa prime came out) can be bad thing for comunity or it will benefit the comunity and make the game more fun and feel more rewarded ?
  8. Ok oviously you didn't read any of the posts cause you are still insisting and oviously you still don't know what you are saying. But I will explain to you just keep this post clear from the trolls who can't read properly . First of all we all know the drop tables , secondly on that chart it still shows the information that we already gave in the past comments the mission part that you can't see is we are talking about the none vaulted axi relics and we can't get them from the bounty rewards to but you didn't even check that to cause we already talk about it that to. I already talked about drop tables to and some other players talks about alternatives that nearly same time comsuming as the examples that I gave. Even in first post I pointed out that even developers tell us consider to do about that issue and you are not brining anything to the table about the how it can be more efficient to farm axi relics like lith , meso , neo relics . Linkin a drop table link which already known by nearly all player who is playing the game more time than you is not bringing anything to the table nor changing the datas about the time we have spend to get Axi relics. This is my last respont to you , have a nice day
  9. Ahahahaha and we have ourselves another troll ladies and gentlemen. He didn't check the data that he have send and he didn't even compare to data that I gave in the post that I have send. Cause if he could have check that he would have known these are the same information . Let alone nearly 1 year old account think I do not know the drop tables and this is even funnier and cute . Thank you for your effort to entertain us . Ps: Don't feed trolls and gave them more responds please.
  10. Not repeating myself over and over again for someone who is not reading post properly nor turning this topic to youtube comment section with meaningless discusstion to with someone who is not want to do anything to benefit for the comunity . This is the last answer I will give it to you sorry and have a nice day for you
  11. Needs some tweaks but idea is kinda good
  12. Hmm you must one of the troll who is not bringing any solutions for the comunity or didn't read the other posts on here. Ok explaining again just for you; there are way to many axi relics in the drop table , we need to farm void traces mostly, and if we get the the right key we might not get the right part from the drop table. So getting a part is not easy even if you have the right relic and it will be rare part on axi relic our jobs gets even harder which is fine. Like I have said grind is not an issue on an ARPG game but grind is doing for good loot in ARPGs not for any loot. The comunity has been here before when the relics were before and that is why all void drop system has chanced cause there were to many new releases with void keys back in the day that we need to farm from endless void missions rotation C but even on those days because of the void keys system we can at least get multiple rewards and feel some kind getting rewarded feeling but still exausting . For example Trinity Prime first came out all of her parts were in a endless mission Rotation C . Time is most precious thing in the world and on ARPG if you are not getting anything after you have spend 20-40 minutes that means game is not rewarding as it should be. Besides before changing the drop tables of the bounties of we can get regular Axi relics from there in a decent time (mostly the lastest ones) after mesa prime came it changed to the vaulted relics for both fortuna and cetus bounties.Even bringing back regular none vaulted relics to drop tables of the bounties is a major update for the comunity for right now. So please if you are not bringing any solutions or not reading other posts at least don't try to troll and stop hurting the comunity.
  13. Void mobile defenese missions are nearly taking 12 minutes , also in berehynia or xini , if you don't even stay for the rotation C and left the on B that will save you mostly 3 minutes tops and interception missions are the most boring ones . Besides there are way to many axi relics in the drop table , we need to farm void traces mostly, and if we get the the right key we might not get the right part from the drop table . So because of those at least getting the Axi relics with the same speed of lith, meso and neo relics will benefit the comunity a lot. Grind is a part of nearly every ARPG but grind is done for good or decent loot , not any loot or the game will turn like the Anthem and players will feel like not rewarded for their precious time on their hobby. So please try to bring solutions to contrbuting .
  14. All of the other relic types (lith,meso,neo) can be farm from the void capture missions in maximum 3 minutes but for Axi relic we need to do endless mission and go to rotation C at it cost at least 16-18 minutes. Those endless mission are (mostly 30-35level) low level mission which is not fun to play at all if you are mastery rank6 + player which is the majority of the comunity nor these missions are rewarding enough because they are regular missions. I have told this issue to Rebecca and Steve on live devworkshop on twitch and suggest a solution to bring a high level void capture mission to get axi relics efficiently and they have said " we will see , we will discuss that" . For example for hurting the economy ; mesa prime chasis (which is a bronze part) has the same value on the player with her rare parts came from the other relics cause people can having hard times to get AXI H4 relics. Please bring your solutions so comunity won't suffer from this issue when Equinox Prime cameout . (PS: Don't I think I am player who is not spending anything on warframe I have bought many prime accessory packs and bought plat many times to support the game .)
  15. First thing's first. This is very important for the game right at this stage. When we will get alternative ways to get Axi relics for none vaulted prime stuff. If you will check the market prices for mesa prime chasis (which is a bronze part ) and mesa prime neuroptic (which is a rare part) you will see that bronze part has more value than the other 2 rare parts of the mesa . CAuse that bronze part is droping from a Axi relic. We need to do endless missons to get Axi relics and most likely they are droping from rotation C ( at best rotation B too ) so we need at least 15-16 minutes to get an Axi relic, and most likely because of the total number of diffrent axi relics that won't even might be the one that we need of . (by the way you can get meso, lith or neo relics in mostly 3 minutes thanks to void missions ) Grinding level of Axi relics is compare to EA games grind shenanigans and this is realy hurting the good reputation of the game. As a veteran player I can these kind of things happened before but thanks to our dear developers act quickly and solve most of it. I hope you will fix that issue and give us faster alternative methods to farm axi relics cause in that state it is not fun at all to farm them.
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