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  1. appreantly you are a new player. He was talking about augment which makes literaraly immortal. Besides Chaos is a good cc and she can clear and buff (including auras of infested acients) with her second skill. Only think she needs is the way more aggresive ai for her first ability cause if you combine it first ability's augment (augment is scaling from power strengt but ability itself doesn't ) you can clear the whole map if you capture an elite you unit but sadly ai of this ability doesn't work agresively as is should
  2. Nyx doesn't need a rework , Nyx is prety strong if you know how play with her. Only thing that Nyx needs is a more agresive ai when she control something and that is it
  3. Railjack decorations will take away the seriousness of the railjack concept besides railjacks are basicly tilesets probably that is why we are not modifiying them other than painting them
  4. totally agreed with you mate. That's why we need more lore and a main quest to fill the blanks in the story logicly and seriously plot holes that I have been pointed in the begining of the topic must be filled or it will be to late the fix the story
  5. They probably already recorded cause on one of the interviews or devstreams Rebecca said something like she has recorded some lotus voice lines that makes our players sad. (probably on gamespot interview but I need to check that again )
  6. As an occupational safety specialist I can safely say their sound team can work in their studio without any problem if necessary precautions have taken , besides engineer,desiners or even comunity team are already working perfectly from their homes so that shound't be problem too. And animators can crate animations without mo- cap studio which is actually more profitable for the studio.It is all about resources and DE is a big studio with nearly 350 employees. Besides polishing is not that good and we should stop pretending like that. First mainline updates has some improvment for the game but mostly crushed many of the game mechanics (for example, viral is overpowerly strong while gas is totally irrelevant, new players needs to farm more and more arcanes and they are not benefiting that much compare to the old system especially for arcanes like arcane tanker situation is dire, or cause of self damage removal instead of balancing it make nearly all of the explosive weapons useless cause their whole desing was for making area damage and now they are making 80-90 percent less damage to the area, and these are just some of the examples)even because of that first mainline update forum topic page closed to the further feedback very quickly while many older topics stays opened is kinda explaning the situations about first polishing update. Besides I am realy not worrying about the game mechanics cause DE actually is doing good job about fixing things . All they need is more testers with acceptable knowledge of the game and its mechanics and thanks to the new public test server system we pc players/customers won't be treated like beta testers anymore. But we are digressing from the subject. We are not getting enough lore with a game with deep lore. I mean yes eviromental story telling has very well done , leverian is nice but main story is not moving a bit for nearly 2 years . Lore is an important part of the game and it is distinguishing warframe from its rival in the market cause it doesn't have a story filled with cliches. Game has a very unique desing and lore and it shound't be broken with plot holes instead it should be strengthen its position in the market with such decent story.
  7. As mechanic wise I agreed with you both railjack and the lich content will be better in the future I am sure of it but like the examples that I gave in the starting point of the topic game lore keep getting hit and lore what make the game relevant to the players.Besides in DE Steve's survey that has done in the begining of the year has shown most of players want more lore in the game. Warframe has decent writers and I don't think it will end up with many plot holes in the future like happened in Game of Thrones last 3 seasons but minimality of the lore that we get this year is realy concerning and the ones we already got in the last 3 major updates filled with plot holes. Only decent lores that we got in last couple of months are the leverians and even they are quite rare
  8. In first 5 months of the year we only saw 8 minutes long cutscnenes and that is it so I am respectfully disaggre with you about it is better that one major quest part. Besides all three story quests before new war bring some mechanics to the game. So brininging a new tile set with new enemy types were seen in lesser updates like remastring of the jupiter . So in lore wise campaing like might work if scarlet spear was a good update and if we manage to get lore in monthly periods but I don't think that is not posible right now. Besides Rebecca already confirmed there will be major quest
  9. Last 2 tennocons' marketing already hurt the game's reputation on player base I hope they will deliver the quest on quality of the old quests and I hope they will add more side quests for new warframe too like they have done it on the harrow. I am still beliving the DE about the lore quality but not getting for this long time acutally worrying for the future of the game. After all Second Dream quest was acutally the biggest marketing for the game
  10. But when they will deliver that . Even the corpus expansion might not be added to the game this month. The new war shound't be the big content of this year
  11. THE NEW WAR quest has been promised for last christmass but after 5 months pass since the delivery time we only have nearly 8 minutes of cutscenes and nothing more . Quest should be prioritise for development cycle cause we didn't get a major story quest for nearly 2 years. And duviri paradox can not be released this year too. Game has great lore and we already getting bread crumbs of lore like dark souls , because of that waiting for nearly 2 years for major story quest is realy realy upset me and many others as customers. Latest lore additions with laverians are realy nice and adding to many good lore informations about Orokin Era life on the solar system but even they are not releasing quite often. I mean I know there is a pandemic in the world and DE still trying its best for delivering content from home but that lockdown stiuation started on march and that issue has started way before that . Look at the last 3 major content updates. Lich content mechanicly the worst depiction of the shadow of mordor series but that is whole another topic . Lich content should be a major lore point. Last quuen spending her precious kuva for not reviving her twin and instead, she is creating so called nemesis for us while tenno constantly stealing kuva from her and sabotaging her attempt to get more (with kuva siphon/flood missions and kuva survival/disptruption missions) and while Tyl Regor already manage to cure the clone roth , she is not speaking about that huge advancements for her nation since the oroking era and doing something like kuva liches with weak targets with clone roth.There should be huge quest for this, there should be pages of explation for whole lich content but sadly it is the most rushed update that I have seen in seven years. Empyrean content some decent plot with crafting of the ship and hidden cinematic but those moments so little even the leverian adds more details to the lore. And with the content we got to many plot holes and missing plot parts in our hands.For example Why grineer elite units guarding the borders of the void ? They nearly don't know anything about the sentient threat because of that they are excavating acient dropship and eidolons fossils in plains of eidolon to get even the slightest information about their technology. And they know they can't pass the void so they should feel safe why are they guarding the veil which basicly guarding the empty space. They are not even excavating or examining the oroking towers and derelicts . I mean that nation is examining fossils on earth get a slightest of information trying to siege cetus for centuries Captain Vor died for orokin knowledege but they are not examining the Old derelicts and Orokin Towers. Mechanicly many missions can be better on story telling or preaparing the the warframe crew but that hasn't been done either. For example ship killer platform mission can be great sabotage mission and can felt like real threat for our ship but mechanicly it is nearly same as secret hangar mission. There are so many options for using stealth , archwing, gunslazing entery , railjack at the same time for that ship killer platform mission but we basicly get a old version of sabotage missions (beta times old version) And finally infamaous Scarlet Spear event. Cutscene was cool and with a nearly 2 minute long cutscene bringing a plot twist is a realy great job but event's one of many flows is bringing more plot holes than delivering the meaningfull plot parts. How simple vox solaris operative like Little Duck suddenly learns so much information about Erra which we as a tenno only remembered with the help of man in the wall just a brief time ago . And our knowledge about Erra came from hundreds of years past and we just got remembred Erra but Little Duck explaining many things about Erra to us . How can she know that many thing a major sentient that only living thing can might have knowledge about him should be the orokin grineer queens a dax , and us. And why little duck sudently stop using her buzlok (she is even using that on comics) but suddenly chaning to a clanky lanka (snipetron is realy not exisinting in the game in lore wise it is long beta story about projectile weapons and corpus(and yes in old times Dear DE even care about these kinds of little details about the lore ) Why not steel meridian or new loka doing nothing while their home world suddenly ivaded by hostile alien semi organic robots and tenno and grineer even making the battle ground more dangerous for anyone cause they are skirmishing with each other too. Sadly DE is losing more opputunities for making great additions to the deep lore of warframe.I hope these plot holes that I pointed has revisited as well and bring more and more quests cause farming for lore fragments on a random generated map not the best idea for game with that kind of lore in it. There are already many missing points in the story that we get new information very slowly and with very small amount . So because of that with the help of last three overly rushed , buggy updates warframe keep getting irrelevant to its players cause players/customers can't feel the same thing about warframe and losing connection cause quests like Second Dream , War Withing ,Chains of Harrow, Sacrifice won't come to the game for a quite long time. So DE thank you for still trying to deliver content on lockdown but please bring The New War as soon as posible so many players/customers can feel connected to the story and the game. Have a nice day , best regards
  12. Tottaly agreed with you new players shound't enter these nods. Game is already filled with plot holes so there is no point for adding more
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