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  1. Orange filter from grineer melee slams and explosions and green filter from infested invasions are blocking the see the beauty of the game and they are hurting the atmosphere badly. When will you remove or change these effects PS : Same orange filter was on warframe melee slams to but after melee 2.9 update they have changed with a more modern update. This is the green filter from infested invasion. Especially on new tile sets like jupiter gas city tile , that filter is completely ruining the grafical beauty of the title. These photos shown the orange filter after some time on grineer mission especially on endless mission start seening none other than this effect and after some time because of they are stacking it will became blinding Also with color correction option some abilities like loki's invisibility(green), mesa's peaceker (blurry with your energy color) and valkyr's 4th ability (red filter) is realy like punishing the player for using the abilties . Please remove these effect to or add a another option on display section like weapon elemental fx to open and close them separetely from color correction. Cause without color correction you will lose the beautiful lights effects on some tiles like void tile or jupiter gas city tile. Please make an update about this issue to
  2. Agreed with daiyu prime and kestrel prime
  3. Totally agreed about this forum post. Seeing something in the game keeps becoming harder and harder. DE realy needs lower brightness of these affect and lower the effect count cause we literally can't see any details especially in corpus tilesets
  4. Problem is if you will close the color correction you will lose many beautiful weather effects on both orb vallis and plains of eidolons and like iLightning13 said you can see the many tilesets very nice looking eviromental light effects which is like punishing the player if you will close the color correction
  5. Hello everyone. There is an issue is kinda shadowing the beauty of the game . If you are playing a grineer missions you will see some effects putting an orange filter to the screen. For example grineer heavy unit slams, blast weapons, and drop pods in plains of eidolon. If you are playing on high level mission with high alert level or in a long endurance run this orange filter is becoming blinding and shadow graphic quality of the game. Here is 2 screen shots on same scene: this is the normal one : and this one is after the slam effect. If grinner keep spaming those effects constantly I think filter become more orange and if you put flame eximus unit in to equation to you can't get manage to see any detail. Same effect has been in tenno melee slam atack to but after melee 2.5 our good beloved devs change that effect with a more modern one . So could you change these effects too so we can freely enjoy the details of the game
  6. Can we get a simetrical and bold , badass looking shoulders for vox solaris's operator skins (many of us likes the bulky looking accesories , I mean come on look how many Rhino mains in the game :D ) Melee 3.0 release date Updates about the raid rework progress Will there be any new infested enemy types in the future ? (cause Grineer and Corpus factions are keep getting new units while infested standing still in their state for a very long time ) Will there be a grafical update for infested tile sets and texture. ( cause they are realy looking old even older from the corpus ship tile sets.) Vauban and Banshee reworks Grineer keep excavating acient eidolon fossils from plains of eidolon, So will there be story related event about grineer upgreaded technology combined with sentient techs like we saw on Orb Valis ?
  7. Thank you DE for adding a new RIVEN type to the game and not giving more RIVEN capacity to players. Thousands of players are suffering from riven mod slot max capacity and you are still doing nothing about the issue
  8. Why Why the hell did you bring back the charge mechanic . It is ruining the weapon
  9. When there is a vaulted relics came by you can't get regular axi relics from bounties
  10. Farming the Axi relics are becoming an unfun job considering the farming other relic types, we can get the lith , meso , neo relics from void capture missions with in mostly 2-3 minutes while getting the Axi relics from endless missions and spending 16-20 minutes and because this missions are nearly 35 level missions it is becoming boring for many players and totally not fun nor efficient. DEATH CUBE , can't kill anything unlike when it first released, death machine gun rifle realy needs a huge buff and vaporize should turn a one shot one kill ability to guard the name of the sentinel ( I mean killing a single enemy other than bosses (bosses shound't be effected by it) every 20 second won't hurt anything in the game cause we are constantly fighting hordes of enemies ) Life supports from the ships needs a balance we can use them for every 10 minutes and other than liset's ability other ships' abilities are not realy worthing their crafting materials nor the 10 minute cool down. They need some love as well And of course we need informatin about VAUBAN rework
  11. Please I am begging you to add separeted riven slot capacity for arcguns and sentinel weapons . many people are already suffering from the 90 riven slot restriction. We need way more riven capacity slots PLEASE ADD MORE RİVEN SLOT CAPACITY
  12. First thing's first. This is very important for the game right at this stage. When we will get alternative ways to get Axi relics for none vaulted prime stuff. If you will check the market prices for mesa prime chasis (which is a bronze part ) and mesa prime neuroptic (which is a rare part) you will see that bronze part has more value than the other 2 rare parts of the mesa . CAuse that bronze part is droping from a Axi relic. We need to do endless missons to get Axi relics and most likely they are droping from rotation C ( at best rotation B too ) so we need at least 15-16 minutes to get an Axi relic, and most likely because of the total number of diffrent axi relics that won't even might be the one that we need of . (by the way you can get meso, lith or neo relics in mostly 3 minutes thanks to void missions ) Grinding level of Axi relics is compare to EA games grind shenanigans and this is realy hurting the good reputation of the game. As a veteran player I can these kind of things happened before but thanks to our dear developers act quickly and solve most of it. I hope you will fix that issue and give us faster alternative methods to farm axi relics cause in that state it is not fun at all to farm them.
  13. Soma definetly needs more buff to keep up with tenora , prisma grakata , tiberon etc
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