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  1. Maybe with this new big update they adress codex related issues too. After this topic came up I finally saw the spawns of corpus ships on jupiter tile set so that means devs are hearing are concerns but we need bigger changes as well
  2. some of the grineer tilesets has wrong lightmaps on doors Low resoulution textures on earth tile set as you can see on the wall
  3. Will there be improvements for Grendel and Lavos and will there be reworks for Banshee and Valkry ?
  4. No , it isn't outdated . I can give you some proper builds if you want. I will glad to help and explain him
  5. Are we going to see any improments to current lich system, there are many many very good suggestions in the forum. Cause right now doing a lich hunt is the most unfun thing in the game
  6. Yep grendel needs some little changes too I hope DE will do something about him too
  7. Actually this made way more sense compare to meaningless knockbacker version right now
  8. Apparently you have very limited understanding of the game and Lavos too. Let me explain to you all again cause you didn't bring any solution what I was saying in the opening of the topic. As a new player like you (yes your account start date can be seen in here ) may not understand some of the game logic so let me help you . For a movement abiity viral rush was a terrible choice even if you have cast it on the air in you will still need a ground to move with it efficiently, even Hydroid's tidal surge is a better movement ability let alone many warframes has a smilar and better ch
  9. Let me explain the biggest problem of lavos with an example . Old Nidus until recent changes has kinda getting hard times for collecting stacks in coop missions cause whenever you put a larva your team mates will destroy the enemies in there immediately and you can't get any stacks and because you are having hard times on getting stacks you can't open up your 4th ability to get even alternatively more stacks but because of gameplay speed on any missions your getting hard time on that but developers added a little extra like killed enemies in larva by your team mates will give nidus stacks and
  10. You should give your support to this matters too cause right now completing codex is a burden and it needs lots of quality of life changes
  11. They won't understand this is an ARPG with power fantasy consept, This whole topic is just a troll topic in my opinion . All warframes can spam abilities even if you play right on solo even lavos can spam abilities (but if you are in a team lavos is totally useless that is why cooldowns are not fitting for this game's desing ) This is the core game loop of warframe I hate when players with limited knowledge about the game , came here and open a topic about a meaningless things that doesn't fit the game at all. Probably topic owner watch some youtubers and think all of this idea is a very
  12. I hope after all those years DE will do something about completing scans for codex and give us some quality of life
  13. Don't forget to talk about plot holes that comes with liches too. Lich content is probably , mechanicly the worst depiction of the shadow of mordor series but that is whole another topic in this forum post . Lich content should be a major lore point. Last quuen spending her precious kuva for not reviving her twin and instead, she is creating so called nemesis for us while tenno constantly stealing kuva from her and sabotaging her attempt to get more (with kuva siphon/flood missions and kuva survival/disptruption missions) and while Tyl Raegor already manage to cure the clone roth , she is no
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