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I Think My Launcher Doesnt Want Me To Play



So the latest Update on the game peaked my interrest enough to download the game again (After i changed computers) so downloaded the launcher directly from the page as usual, left the launcher downloading the numerous patches while i was doing other stuff like playing Dark Souls 2 or watching the latest Total Biscuid's videos. 


It was time to sleep since i had work tomorrow so i closed the launcher, wich btw was on 24% download, and turned off my computer. Next day after a day of work i opened the launcher once again to continue the download like i have done with other games before (Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends) but found out the launcher started from 0% again. Ok maybe it will load back up faster like HotS did, nop it took the same time to get to around 20% before i had to sleep again. It has gone through that cycle again and again for the last week and it doesnt seem to save anything i downloaded the day before like other games do.


Am i doing something wrong? is this normal now cause the first time i had to re-download the game after i rebooted the laptop a few days ago i remember the game saving my download progress through the days. Any way to solve it cause i wont leave the Laptop turned on for an entire day, alone just because Warframe decided to feel special with me.


- UPDATE: Ok seems to be working but tomorrow will be the real test, see if it keeps it. I should also that im using the Warframe launcher alone, not the steam version

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I don't think the whole download restarted; it's just goes on dowloading the rest of the files that hasn't been downloaded. Only the progress bar that goes reset.

No i have seen it it says "Downloading updates" and shows about 6100 or something at the start and when i come back after it downloads to like 5000 the new download is the same 6000 at the start

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