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So About Boar Prime...


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So with update 17 we got the big shotgun overhaul, and in theory I'm largely pleased with it, being a shotgun fan. Ironically, I only have one shotgun in my inventory that really benefited from the buff (Drakgoon) and even then I'm not sure it feels especially more powerful. But aside from the bugs in the new reload system, I'm concerned with what happened to my baby, Boar Prime.


Boar Prime was my first goal in this game. I was happy to see automatic shotguns represented, and duly built a Sobek, but from looking it up I knew that the real deal was the Boar Prime: not only was it the best auto shotgun, it was the best shotgun. I spent months farming up T3MD keys with my basic Sobek with no potato or forma, and then running for the barrel. When I finally got it, the Boar was so effective and so pretty that it was worth the effort, and I lavished my very first, jealously hoarded potato on it, and it looked after me and let me push on to the end of the star chart and into the depths of the void.


Before U17, I was happy to bring Boar into just about anything. She handled uniquely, with a sensitive trigger that would go all out with the slightest touch, something I don't actually find in any other automatic weapon except the Soma family, a massively wide spread that was both a blessing and a curse, and of course the hilarity of hitting a target with radiation, viral, slash and impact procs simultaneously.


Now, though, things are different. The trigger feels heavy, and the procs are less reliable. She gained a bit of damage and a larger magazine, but that came at the expense of a lot of character.


Basically, the Boar these days feels like a Sobek with wider spread and higher status chance, and to add insult to injury has lower per shot damage.


I've got nothing against the Sobek; I'm thinking of building another one and throwing on a potato to keep it. But the Boar should be different, and not just because it has lower damage, accuracy and higher status chance.


So please, take the Boar back to its previous handling: bring back the rate of fire, reduce the magazine so it actually matches the model, and bring back the 40% status chance. I don't actually mind if it has lower per shot damage than the other shotguns, even the Sobek, but please bring it up so it's more into line with what shotguns do these days. It just makes me sad that my favourite, most prized weapon has been drained of everything that made it unique.

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