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Proposed Void Changes


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  Enemies should drop Orokin Cells, Oxium and Neural Sensors. All drops change and Argon stays.


  Hear me out!


  When you do a Void Survival, you can get 3 Orokin Cells as one of the rewards... no thanks. I'd rather do Draco...


  Oxium comes from the void, yet it can only be found in containers (possible new enemy here)


  The tower is controlled by a goddamn Neural Sentry... NEURAL. Make Neural Sensors drop... please. Stop forcing us to go to Jupiter!


  All in all:




  1) Makes void not just to get Prime parts.


  2) By the time you finish farming the parts, I'm sure you have more than 10 cells already...


  I can't think of more lel.




  1) No one will go to Jupiter anymore unless they want Pathogen Rounds.


  2) RIP Sargus Ruk


  Also can't think of more.


  Feel free to add more pros and cons, and leave some constructive criticism :)



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Cons:  Running the void becomes even more rewarding. Given it's already dominant position as most played tileset, this is *not* an advantage.


I do not want to have to choose between running the same old void tileset, again, all the time, or receiving less rewards.


That's a major problem that needs to be fixed, not exacerbated like this.



Con 2: To preserve difficulty in building, the now devalued resources will cease to be used in new items.  That will get made up by using non-void resources.  How do you feel about every item now requiring 100,000 polymer bundles instead?  Cause that's what DE will do if they change this.

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