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  1. Moving ahead based entirely on RNG is kind of Warframe's MO. Could do it other ways though, I suppose, make it more deterministic. Possibly a mission type particularly dedicated to farming Murmurs, so that matchmaking is working to bring people with similar goals together more easily. The current situation should definitely be fixed. I doubt it will be though.
  2. Seems like the big problem was making it so liches don't level up if you don't stab them. Any time you have a situation where the players on a squad will reasonably want different outcomes, you have a design problem. DE seems to make this mistake quite a bit, like putting Granum Void in missions where some players will not want to go into that void. Need to either make it so no one wants the lich stabbed, or that everyone does. Can't do the former with the system they've got, so it needs to be the latter. Change it so that Liches level up when they show up, whether you stab them or not. If you don't stab, they call you a cowards and level up anyway.
  3. Can't you trade for a lich/sister? That would seem to allow control like you want.
  4. This lich I've got now is stupidly frustrating to fight, because it's got loads of shields, knockdown spam, and those horrible grab/bodyslam attacks which take entirely took long. Even under the best of circumstances this would be aggravating. But having the enemy grab me, take forever in a ridiculous animation like this is the WWE and during the eternity it takes for the stupid animation to play, the timer before it's shields starts regenerating keeps going? This is not in any way, shape or form even remotely fun.
  5. Updating something nobody has been able to buy for 7 years will, quite reasonably, not go over well. We don't need another flare up of founders hate over Ex Prime. Use the anniversary Dex skin for the torso, and the prime helmet and Ex Prime looks just fine.
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