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  1. Yeah, but that's normal for Orokin aethestics. Turn the Liset 90 degrees, and it becomes Excalibur.
  2. No. There has never been a console to PC migration, and plat generally did not migrate. The console manufacturers would have to OK a migration that way, and they aren't going to do that.
  3. You missed a rather important part of my claim. The solution you've described runs into the issue I described in the original post. Player A has no blacklist. Player B has a frame not being used player A, and is thus is allowed to join. Player C, who is using that frame, then tries to join the game. What happens? If he's allowed to join, you've ignored player B's preferences. If he's not, you've ignored player A's preferences.
  4. Bad idea. Been there, done that. Way back when I started playing, U8/9, nuking was not king. Which gave us all insight into a reality which seldom comes up these days, but is still true - our CC abilities are insanely OP. Now they are even more OP then they were, since energy has basically become irrelevant with the number of ways we have to restore it. You wouldn't be trading nuking everything for some deep involved game play experience. You just trade it for Tenno using our crazy CC abilities to lock down everything, then kill it at leisure.
  5. No, that is not OK. That creates a situation where someone with no black list whatsoever can be joined by someone with half the frames in the game blacklisted, at which point half the players in the game cannot join the first player's game. This is not OK - your restrictive blacklist should not be able to prevent matches between two other players.
  6. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalextremes.warframenexus&hl=en_US&gl=US
  7. I don't think the Corpus have Sea Shanties and Work songs - rather, their indentured servants do. The Corpus seem more like @-Kittens-suggests, 80's synth-wave. Think "Alad-V chilling to 'And I Ran' by Flock of Seagulls." Grineer, I'm thinking "Queen's 'We will rock you' plays at 1:45 am right before the bar closes, cacophony of grunts and badly slurred, incomprehensible attempts at lyrics by a bunch of people who are really looking to punch anybody or everybody." Infested is just that horrible audio clip received in Event Horizon on repeat.
  8. I could see it maybe functioning like this: If you've got a blacklist, you never host public matches. That way, your blacklist doesn't affect other player's matchmaking. If there are no other matches in progress, you just stay searching for a match until one is found. You never get matchmade with anyone using a frame you've blacklisted. You'll try to join, ideally matches with 3 other players not using your blacklisted frames. If that's unavailable, next preference is open lobbies with no blacklisted frames that haven't started yet. If anyone joins the lobby using one of your bl
  9. Mostly because host or not is itself outside of user control. You'd have players getting kicked on mission start when the game chooses the host.
  10. This has been suggested before, but it simply isn't practical, and if implemented, would end up nearly completely unused due to the serious practical issues it would have. Your blacklist wouldn't remove only people playing the frame(s) you've blacklisted. In order to ensure that the lists are respected, a player could only matchmake with another player with the exact same blacklist, otherwise someone's preferences will be ignored. If, for example, I have no blacklist, and you blacklists a dozen frames, and you join my match, either your list is ignored, or I have my available teammates
  11. Warframe is still exactly as co-op as it has ever been. You generally need help until you've gotten your important mods sorted out, then you can basically steam roll through the content. Always has been that way - if you're not feeling it now, it's simply that you've increased your power to where everybody else has been for over 7 years. This is not a problem to be fixed. It's the nature of any game about progress.
  12. Best way I've found is low level capture, max range Equinox Prime with mucho loot radar. Natural talent for casting speed, max efficiency. Argon pegmatites are more common then enemy drops. If Maim has any damage stored, when it's released it will break all containers in range. Pegmatites shown on loot radar, vacuum/fetch lets you grab everything with minimal fuss, death orbs will keep Equinox Prime energized. Maim, kill 1 thing, nuke, vacuum up anything on the radar, move on to the next place you see a bunch of dots, continue until map ends or you find your Argon. Only ever taken m
  13. Setting the font color that way makes your post near unreadable in the dark forum theme.
  14. It's not exactly clear what you're asking for. If you're after some kind of auction house/grand exchange/tenno ebay, @(NSW)Gamma83is exactly right. It's simply not going to happen. It's been played out so often, for so long that it's not even beating a dead horse anymore, more like beating a fossil. If what you're asking for is a trade terminal like dojos have in your liset - where you'd invite a player to your liset and trade exactly as you do in the dojo, it's plausible. Not likely though - putting trading in the dojo was an intentional move, likely to drive the social aspects
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