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  1. Talking about current events isn't carte blanche to toss away basic community standards. A profanity filled tirade does not become OK because you're ranting about a pandemic.
  2. Before it's current state, Vacuum was Carrier's main ability. Universal Vacuum was a big deal back then, something many people made a lot of noise about, simply because nearly everyone only used Carrier, since Fetch didn't exist and he was the only sentinel that could equip Vacuum.
  3. Hope if you want to, it won't matter - Warframe is a commercial product, not a democracy. And since rivens have minimum requirements of MR8 and completed War Within, newness isn't applicable.
  4. If groups are more fun then solo play, then no bonus is needed or appropriate. It being more fun is already sufficient motivation. As Syasob noted, this would create a situation where, to maximize reward, you'd run multiple fast missions to the multiplier up, only then to run you real intended mission. So, 6 captures to raise the multiplier, then the mission you actually want to do. And then you have the practical issues of how the mechanics actually work. If a 4 man group runs 5 missions, then one leaves and the rest run another mission, are they getting the bonus for those 6 mission still? What if 3 people leave, does the remaining one still get a bonus? If so, then shouldn't solo players get the bonus - they stay with their 'group' of one? Does a host migration cause a bonus reset?
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