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  1. No. If there's ever a return, it will almost certainly be vastly different then the terribly flawed old mode.
  2. Yes, it's better now then when I first started playing. Remember the joy of mod drops which had no limitations whatsoever, so every enemy in the game could drop any mod in the game? We talk about mandatory mods so much now only in terms of the mod slot, and forget that once upon a time, just getting your hands on those mods was a trick. Before trade, when you chance to get serration on any mod drop was always 1/total number of mods in the game. Bosses didn't always drop Warframe part BPs - whether or not they dropped a part was RNG layer 1. Which part was layer 2, and they were actual drops which could fall off the map. For a while there, any weapon that didn't ignore armor entirely was hopeless. Acrid was king of the roost for a while there.
  3. A long repetitive task with rewards and challenges? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank
  4. I think giving out rewards for pointless, invented tasks is ludicrous. Don't ask to be rewarded for doing something that you knew quite well had no reward and no point after the fact.
  5. Looking over the current drop tables ( https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html ), particularly Mars / Kadesh rotation A, I can rather quickly work out that the naive algorithm you're worried about isn't in use. None of the items has a drop chance of over 8% - which means the chance of getting nothing to drop in the naive algorithm is high, closer to 35%. In that case, the 8% drop for the first item would end up being rewarded as a default drop in those cases, and someone would notice if a reward that was supposed to be 8% was 40%. Relics similarly have the a drop table where nothing has an individual chance of over 20%. The naive algorithm would have to deposit to 36% no drops somewhere, and someone would notice if all relics were distorted to that amount. There are plenty of ways to do this correctly - the easiest would be to add up all chances and multiply. And your sample size is way too small. With only 17 samples, a perfectly fair system would produce 100% of a single drop .1% of the time. Your results are well within reasonable expectations.
  6. Eh, I think the spectre regiments are what he means.
  7. Rivens don't get grandfathered that way. When dispositions change, existing rivens for those weapons change immediately. I know this first hand - I had a really good Ignis riven before the Ignis's disposition change, and its bonuses all got reduced to reflect the disposition change. I'm betting under the hood, rolls are all on a fixed scale and are simply multiplied by the current riven disposition.
  8. Scaling on what, exactly? There's not a single answer.
  9. Level for equipment/frame means nothing save how many mod points it has available. Polarization doesn't stack, per se - what it actually does it give a mod slot polarity. Using a mod in a slot the matches it's polarity reduces it's cost to equip by half. So how much polarization helps depends entirely on what mods you have and what you intend to use in that slot. Player levels and enemy levels are not even close to related. They can only be compared like to like - a level 30 gun has more mod points then a level 20 one, and a level 30 mob is tougher then a level 20 one. But a level 30 weapon does not mean it only works on level 30 enemies.
  10. There's your mistake right there. The waiting is not a problem. It's a solution to a problem - the problem being "How do you make money off a free game without selling power?"
  11. Wiki says you have to actually beat Lephantis, so you need to buy the bp, make the key, use it, and kill the boss.
  12. Buying it was doing it. You're paying off their debt when you buy it. Now, it's just a material you can trade in for rep/promotions
  13. Yeah, think about this one. It's a suit made out of infestation. He thinks the operator is a demon. If a demon showed up at your house wearing a suit made of people, would you open the door?
  14. Best drop rate on the relic is for intact, and it has a slated 25% drop rate. .75 ^ 10 = .056, so 5% of the time you won't get it in 10 tries. 1/20 isn't all that rare, just bad luck
  15. What makes you think they don't already take that into account? Deciding who should be host involves a lot more then who's most likely to stay. Make host migrations favor someone who tends to stay - but has a terrible connection - over someone who stays less but has a good connection, and you'll end up making disconnects more common as people disconnect from terrible hosts.
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