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  1. Correct. For all intents and purposes, schools that aren't your current primary do not exist.
  2. No. Nothing in other schools is ever active. Even way bounds simply get copied over to the other school, and must be unlocked and reranked to be used in the other school.
  3. They aren't missions. You buy the BPs from Nightwave with Nightwave rep earned through the rotating challenges. It's exactly the same as how you got the chassis and systems. It's just that which parts she offers rotates weekly - so just get the nightwave rep you need, like you did before, and wait til next week, check to see if she's offering the helm then.
  4. Not nightmare missions, Nightwave. The Wolf of Saturn 6, the same place you get the chassis and systems.
  5. Nightwave reward, have to buy it through nightwave.
  6. Possibly absent mindedly clicking a bunch trying to access Nightwave rewards?
  7. MST3K mantra. Gotta remember, Logic of this sort is non applicable, this universe largely runs on the rule of cool, assisted by the rule of gaming relevance. Try to apply logic, and you rapidly realize Korg was right - “The only thing around here that makes sense, is that nothing makes sense.”
  8. They really do need this. Don't know what possessed them to make Domas only really show up during high level bounties without creating a Thumper Hunt bounty. A weapon that rarely drops, and only from the higher Thumpers which show up during bounties by itself would've been enough to ensure there would be people starting bounties with no intention whatsoever of actually doing the bounty, even ignoring all the resource concerns. I don't understand how they could've not expected exactly this result.
  9. Matchmaking problems ahoy. Either 1) You'd join missions normally and adust the challenge based on relics - meaning you'd end up joining public matches with no idea what level enemies you'd be facing, or 2) It would have to matchmake with other people using the same relic type, on the same node, out of any on the map, and you'd almost never find matches except on a few maps that are heavily played - so instead of any mission, you'd be limited to the few people use.
  10. I'm really hoping week 10 includes a mini-event, as Assassination mission for the wolf where he is always encountered like any other boss.
  11. They recently added individual extraction into survivals because people complained about being held hostage in mission when they wanted to leave if other people wanted to stay. It's very unlikely they're going to do anything to prevent people from leaving missions when they want. Best we can hope for is host migrations to be fixed eventually. Other then that, if you have specific wants out of a mission, that is anything beyond the absolute bare minimum, talk to your squadmates ASAP, or try to form a group in recruiting.
  12. The easiest way to prevent it is to make a separate "Thumper Hunt" bounty. The issue is that you need to be running a bounty to encounter the higher end thumpers, you need the higher end thumpers to realistically get the weapon, and there's no bounty specifically for it. I think most players would be more then happy to just do that to hunt Thumpers rather then rain on anybody's bounty parade. As it is now, you have to sign up to do something other then that to have any chance of fighting Thumpers and getting the weapon, so predictably, players do exactly that.
  13. I don't think it ever was. Why would you ever not use serration?
  14. I expect the Lotus to end up back on our side.
  15. Probably not sound but smell. It's got to be pretty ripe for it to carry to a distance where it attracts stuff from elsewhere.
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