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  1. Just take a deep breath, go play something else for a bit. Or forever if you'd prefer. The community at large will not care. Because we've all been chicken little at some point or another, worked up about some dev decision we don't like, and bemoaned the falling sky. Some of us left for good, many left for a while. It was a fun little diversion when I did it, but that's all it was. That's all it ever is. Nearly a decade of people declaring how this latest mistake will be the one that finally brings down the sky. And the sky has entirely failed to fall.
  2. It's 80. Five maxes out 1 weapon, and you need to do that 16 times.
  3. I'm going to have to say Survival. First introduced on defense maps, so it was very dense action in a single room. Survival on the ancient Xini map was nonstop contact, constant, heavy spawns confined to a single room.
  4. Nothing announced. Seems likely to stay nothing - AFAIK, it blesses everyone on the relay when you use it. When you can bless 50 people at once, adding more every next rank seems a bit overkill.
  5. Drop tables seem to indicate at 5% drop chance for that ephemera (10% of getting an ephemera , 50% of it being that one). That means a 95% chance of not getting it per run. X^Y, .95 ^ 111 = .0033. So, 3 in 1000 chance of that happening. Bad luck for sure, but not completely outside the range of possibility.
  6. No, you don't need to do anything to keep access at that level. Once you're at top tier rank, you can only go down ranks by getting negative rep from an opposing syndicate. You cannot spend more rep then you actually have and get demoted, If I'm rank 5, with 132,000 standing, and I buy a 125,000 standing item, afterwards I'm still rank 5 with 7,000 standing.
  7. OK, just to be absolutely sure: you aren't trying to log-in to your PS4 account from your PC, right? Accounts aren't cross platform
  8. 16 Kuva weapons. Means a drop has a 15/16 chance of chance of not being the Brakk . 93.75%. If every other weapon came up 4 times, that's 60 rolls. Math works out to be a 2% chance of a set of 60 rolls not including at least 1 Kuva Brakk. That means for every million players farming Kuva Weapons, we'd expect 20,000 to have results like this.
  9. It's actually very simple. All those things you describe, that make not interacting with other people a possibility? For a portion of the player base, those are HUGE pluses. If other players are around, it might make things easier - but the fact is, I can succeed even is those other players were in a coma. If I fail, I have to screw up. Which means I'm never going to lose a match simply because random player B screwed up. Losing cause someone else on your 'team' messes up happens enough in real life. I'm here for entertainments, and that just drains agency away. What you think of a
  10. Hard to say. Likely, you'll have one opportunity to migrate.
  11. Well, looking over your list, no obvious trolling. Kuva liches originally force killing you is attributable to the fact Kuva liches are heavily inspired by Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War's nemesis system, where having the nemesis win - at least occasionally - was an important part of purpose of the system. They were supposed to feel like a personal villain, create an emotional response, and that doesn't happen when you never ever lose. Gas damage on Deimos is likely simply thematically appropriate. Some Infested are weak to gas damage, and Deimos has plenty of Infested vs Infested
  12. You know, many of the problems with an AH could be avoided if instead of meaning Auction House as a euphemism for Ebay style open to everyone online for days at a time, it tried to replicate an actual, physical auction house. Bidding is run in a specific venue, which you have to load into like a relay, one auction at a time, until no there are no more bids, then the auction is over right then. You can look over what other items are coming up soon to be auctioned, but not make bids until it's that item's turn. There are not specific times, the items are run in order, likely with a small list
  13. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Don't use any of the items at all, open a ticket immediately and support might be able to help you.
  14. Eh, you already got it in bounties, in the method least prone to abuse. Leave squad. It's right in the escape menu, you stay where you are in the mission, everybody else goes away.
  15. Well, open beta started in 2013, and there hasn't been any balance of the type you refer to during that time, so at least 7 years ago.
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