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Color Problems

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i got what the title says for dragon nikana.


i colored the dragon nikana like this



 i know it is just the attachment i know but i pressed copy main color and see the main color:


it is the origin colors and still it shows the colors that i put before that update that changed how it shows the origin colors just like in this picture.


before that update it was fine. i can return to origin colors.


and see how old colors are



this is the colors for attachment with origin colors. the color bar shows no change from origin colors.



there is some bug that will make old colors for my dragon nikana ( black with red ) be the origin colors instead of the real ones.


DE can you pl+ fix this. this problem may go with other weapons and frames that i had before and colored " black and red" 

and guys, no. do not tell me that i can just switch to config C and enjoy the colors, because i forget to change from config A to C if i changed weapons.  ( i meant colors config )

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Check my topic here, it's the very same issue:


Basically they forgot to update each color profile, after PBR treatments and after the default colors introduction. many weapons have this as well, (ie Dex Dakra) as well as frames (Frost; Rhino).

Even Excalibur.

Loki, Loki Prime and Fang Prime do not suffer from this though, they did update the colors.

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