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  1. If you like Endless runs, you should try running one of the higher tier fissures on Survival or Defense when they're available. I particularly find Fissure survival a good game mode all around :)
  2. I know Chroma might be a bit more difficult because of the pelt mesh. I wonder how they're going to adress it, unless they make an actual separate model.
  3. Thanks Megan. I'll take the chance to post right now, I've been thinking for a while about all the changes now, I kind of swap positions every now and then -- but ultimately, I feel there's two things that could use some love. First of all, I believe that Renewal doesn't need an interaction with Hallowed Ground. Synergy is fine, but this one executes poorly. Taking into account we now drain energy constantly and it's limited by range, I believe having the armor on base Renewal wouldn't be a bad thing. On the other abilities, at first I thought having Oberon on HG should have gotten the benefits on the abilities without need of the enemies being on it -- then I realized, what Scott may be pursuing is to keep the strategic use of Hallowed Ground. So not cast it where you are for bonuses, but on strategic points like doors or spawn points. Thus I personally believe on that front, we're good. There is, however, still a lack of base Hallowed Ground benefits for allies. Besides Status Clearance, we used to get an armor boost before, which now is on Renewal. First idea was to have something to do with shields (faster regen) but that'd leave Inaros/Nidus out. I'm still wondering what could be good to have here. As for Shadows, there shouldn't be extra drain from them, thus no healing, HOWEVER, maybe a small benefit for them being in wouldn't be a bad idea. Something like static amount of less Health Decay perhaps? (ie: 0.25 less, so from 2.5% Max HP drain -> 2.25% Max HP drain). Maybe that'd be ask too much though. Feel free to disagree with me, fellow Tenno :P EDIT: Can't believe I've missed this: The armor value. 225 for base Oberon (should be the same as Excalibur) and 300 for Prime, please. I mean it.
  4. OH GOD: Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead can now summon Eximus units! This fixes the issue of Nekros being unable to summon Eximus units at all. OH YES. I'm no longer useless in Eximus Strongholds ;__; Thanks guys! :)
  5. Thanks Jacob for all the wonderful job you've done on the app! I hope that you leaving means you have a new seat ready now somewhere else. Best of luck! :) Welcome Sean! Hopefully we'll be a manageable bunch :P Also, great to see chat is on the app. Not that I chat with many people, but, you never know :P Hopefully in game chats will be added in the future :)
  6. Two things! 1) The Iron Skin applied depends on the skin -- default Rhino has non-PBR Iron Skin, so it's not tintable. Only Palatine and Rhino Prime have tintable Iron Skin effects -- with Prime using tint 4. I can't speak for TennoGen effects, as I have no TennoGen skin for him. 2) The change was documented as far as I am aware -- a lot of people actually asked for the tinting on Prime to move to Tint 4, since they wanted to match the metallics and the idea was the default was gold.
  7. Man, Ash's render does really look weird when mirrored lol
  8. We don't really know if this is from before he left or he still works on Prime designs from now on. Even then, assuming that just because you don't like the style the Prime took doesn't mean it's unfinished.
  9. Nah, what happened was that the team got super busy with Valkyr's due War Within and Glast Gambit, thus Marketing did that short trailer while Animation/Sound was on other things. The plan is to keep narrated trailers :)
  10. 3 questions! 1) What's the ETA on Earth revisited, if possible? Coming with Harrow perhaps? 2) Oberon's Hallowed Ground used to be fire, now it's some weird thing... Do you guys have plans to keep tweaking it? Maybe now that his golden self is coming? 3) Talking on Oberon Prime, think you can show the vid when the devstream ends, in case it is done? I miss that kind of teasing! Thanks as always Rebecca! :)
  11. plzmore.
  12. I don't know why, but this is all that came to mind upon reading this: XD
  13. No, what I am saying is that asking for a change is not good. It wasn't for Chroma's case neither, although thankfully they only had to swap the helmets around -- I could still get the original dragon knight look. Also, as you very well stated, it's our opinion whether we like it or not -- it's subjective. It would be ridicolous to ask DE to change the helmet, specially at this point, because it's not what you expected or you don't like it. I don't like Octavia's design, for instance. Do you see me complaining about it? No, because it's what it is. It's fine that I don't like something, things must not be made for me to like them, things must be made according to the design intentions and guidelines they have. It's completely fine. It is not about your opinion not mattering -- it is about you wanting to change something when there's people that like it, like you had somehow more rights to it. Which would, in turn, show that DE would have not as much freedom designing stuff as one should. You can have alternatives, but what you ask for would leave me without them.
  14. No thanks. This is a Prime Warframe and it's no downgrade. I am sorry it is not of your liking, but I would trust the Art Director's taste, who created both Oberon's and Prime/Orokin visual concepts, far more than anyone else for design points.
  15. But it's righteous fire. It says so in the ability description. They just... decided to not have fire anymore. Which I want back. I WANT MY BLUE FLAMES BACK ;___;