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  1. Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned because you shouldn't be posting here. Go back to discord >:)
  2. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    You should explain this "yourself" part, because I really have nothing to do with it, never played Raids, never joined the Discord server until I saw the Reddit post (and this was per chance) and only done them twice, which were the worst experiences ever in this game. This kind of elitism? you're trying to present here from a part of the playerbase couldn't be more wrong, really. But seeing the tone of your posts I don't expect absolutely anything constructive to come out of this. No seriously, I wish I was special/cool kid enough to kind of pressure them to fix a lot of issues that bug me to this day 8) Whenever you feel like doing something besides complaining, I encourage you to open a thread in Feedback explaining what you'd like to see or even in the Megathread itself. Because even if you think they don't due a lack of replays, I can assure you the staff reads it quite often, especially as long as it's well written. Because that's the whole point of the Feedback subsection. Not saying things can't be handled better, but not like this man. Not like this. Pretty much both of these would be true, however I don't think it'd be such a great change. I'm pretty sure most people that would answer would be these who come to the Forums sooner or later anyways, but since for now they're just pulling the plug and not actively working on a substitute I totally see why they're not doing it.
  3. Bumping because this is still relevant. I seriously hope U23 is THE update that will see this fixed :(
  4. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I think you fail to understand this was done by players like you and me, and in fact this was posted on the Raid community Discord Server to be filled. It was then shared on reddit and subequently here. That DE decides to take a look at the data doesn't make it official as it's not coming from them. One also understands that the data used here won't be the only source off which DE will base its decisions. Totally agree, I'd actually encourage them to do this as well. I've asked around, answer is nope (I'd like to see them as well). I specifically remember answering that precise question myself.
  5. Umbra is literally a new line of Warframes in juxtaposition to Primes. It's not likely Excalibur will be the only one, they'll most likely explore other Warframe Umbra versions depending on how the gameplay/mechanics differ.
  6. Casting while in the air

    Can confirm my bane with Link. I hardly see anyone casting Energy Vampire and Font of Life out of ground (due fast movement in the air) usually, but Link and Blessing? I'm sure Link hardly moves the bottom part and Blessing, well, if we can stick with Mirage's new Hall of Mirrors animation in the Air, then Blessing too :P But I wonder if this isn't actually Abilities feedback, since I'm not sure if animation is the culprit here rather than a willing setback.
  7. Mirage prime forearm textures

    Any of you would be able to post a picture?
  8. Steve commented some (long) time ago he totally understood this feeling and that they could totally try to solve it with skins or something. Then again we also saw the Proto Skins and we don't know what's holding those up. So hopefully they remember about this still.
  9. I don't think so. The reason is that it'd like a shortcut for recasting 4 and 3 at the same time, technically speaking, so the ability could behave like it does now (after all if you jump in, you can't recast until you're out). It's just adding the extra programming power and Q&A.
  10. Now that would be interesting, being able to hold down 4 to join in from the very beginning. If that's possible to code in without sacrificing any of the current aspects, it's certainly a win win. Although I can smell the bugs from here :P
  11. I do as well but I also like to kill efficiently. Right now if I just want to jump in, whether it's because I want to see the cutscenes or because I need the invencibility, I go and search a marked target and press 3. Then there we go. Otherwise I can recast Bladestorm and start targeting new fools while my clones are doing the dirty job. What you're proposing kills that completely and solves nothing, for the long cinematics would still be there if you choose to opt in always. Right now you can jump midway through and watch them for a few seconds, which was one of the issues Scott was trying to solve.
  12. Just no. The reason is that I might want to go into Bladestorm midways, and holding 4 would mean that either: a) The ability remains activated until all targets die, preventing you from marking new ones b) You can't jump in midway, and can only choose to either jump from the beginning or not jump at all The way it's right now allows for the best case scenario without scrapping the ability altogether (although I'd rather use it as an Exalted Stance and keep the animations as finishers).
  13. Last Post Wins

    I d-d-don't know Rick, this Universe looks really weird to me. It's almost like a child is inside a child right now D: You know? Like those Russian dolls.
  14. Main Menu UI Text Sucks

    The font can't look low quality because it's rendered at the resolution you're playing now. The problem is that the menu and the HP/Shields HUD ones look bold and could probably use a tweak or even some sort of depth effect.
  15. You mean like in Overwatch right? I think Warframe already does this though? Might be confusing myself though, playing too many games lately.