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  1. Doesn't happen on my end. Have you tried verifying the game files? Maybe the VFX are corrupted.
  2. Still an issue -- next month will mark the 3rd year anniversary since opening the topic. DE plox!
  3. It was very real! The original effect was a holy fire (hence the blue), linked to his Paladin thematic. Following the rework there was nothing (the same effect without plants), and after the Prime trailer (shortly after), it became grass and ferns!
  4. Acanthus onwards is intended to have only shoulder VFX (and some don't even have them, like Imugi). Targis is intended to have effects in all parts. Unsure if EDO had stuff for chest and such, as it always worked a bit differently.
  5. Yah, but I think this is due how the base models work, which were a bug. Apparently they're not supposed to be there and DE rolled with it. Had it been properly done, it would inherit the base model's physics and collisions I believe. It's something widespread definitely, I hope some day they decide to work on these features and make them proper. I think it can be fixed though, going by Ivara / Prime and helmets 🙂
  6. Interesting. I'll make a list ASAP of where it works and where it doesn't. Also can confirm that on my end Targis channeling armor VFX are only triggered on the shoulders too. Corrupt charge channeling (base 2x multiplier): Works on: Acanthus Atavist Spritsail Targis (only shoulders, rest is MIA) Citadella Prime Syandana Does not work on: Edo Prime (activates from 3x onwards, gets deactivated back at 2x) So pretty much only Edo is not working properly with Corrupt Charge, and Targis is missing channeling VFX on chest and legs.
  7. The effect is there and it appears once you reach 2x combo counter, like all other Prime armors 😉 GRAB IT EDIT: Just tested in Simulacrum so there's no doubt:
  8. Still no fix for: Oberon Prime's back tabard being too floaty: Sybaris Prime horns not animating properly: Thanks for your time. Hope everyone enjoys the paladin and the necromancer as much as I do 🙂
  9. There's an effect behind the quiver appearing when you charge, I am unsure if it's the intended effect but misplaced.
  10. Depth of Field behaves very weirdly with certain textures. Check Banshee Prime to see what I mean. Most likely it doesn't treat it as a part of the same item.
  11. Not a bug, it's been like this since release on 2013. Also the first of a few frames to have a special bow idle like this :3
  12. Doubt it if I have to judge by other work. Don't think the problem lies there. Maybe they probably decided it was too close to Harrow's deluxe and tried to venture elsewhere. Notice they decided to ditch a lot of the energyness of it, instead of keeping the areas and make it pulsate or something. I hardly noticed anything on the Devstream the other day.
  13. I guess it's better later than never, eh? Thanks for sharing the update Rebb, glad the UI team is listening 🙂
  14. I do wonder though why they decided to tone down the emissive textures and "energyness" of it. Harrow clearly has a skin that uses these traits well, so it was not impossible.
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