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  1. That's an intended feature so when you choose to only use one it gets autocopied or when you use something without a Forma it also gets autocopied. If you want a secondary or primary color that's the same as the default, you'll have to pick one that is close yourself. I am unsure of how much trouble would it be to actually have the colors not do this.
  2. I know, I know. But still I think that the biggest issue is you can hardly see any aura on an enemy when there's a semi-opaque model of a Warframe on it anyways 😛
  3. I think the issue has less to do with the Bolts being colorable and more with the Bolts effect not giving the proper information, because regardless of which screenshot I look at I hardly notice the particles. Perhaps a new pass on the debuff visuals of the ability should be given, TBH.
  4. Wouldn't be the first time. Zephyr was a fan art of a male wind user Warframe before the team decided to take it in as well.
  5. Definitely comics are another territory they could use to explore this, but first they'd need to do a proper story bible or something. Or else, we'll have to go through another retcon 😛
  6. To be honest, I've never felt the need that each Warframe needed its own lore. Prime Trailers are a cool factor and I'd love to see them back, but it's mainly marketing and it's a bit different (just a snippet). I very much preferred those Codex entries that would explore the rest of the world with the Warframe implication just being there (Mag, Rhino), and would choose that over a quest.
  7. That tileset looks so cool. Been waiting since you showed the concept a couple TennoCons ago 😄 Can't wait!
  8. Ah that, it's just the textures are compressed or are incredibly downsized. Rhino was converted to PBR by Kary, and while some things came out wonky, the uncompression and overall resolution of the textures is godly. Most newer Prime releases come out more compressed/with less resolution, unfortunately.
  9. Colors are the same, DE did a lighting pass for the Orbiter so they reflected better how they're supposed to look 🙂
  10. I see what you mean, but I think it's because he uses mostly metallics. There's a bit of two issues: a) The game uses compressed assets and not that big resolution maps, so it makes these pop out more. b) Many of the textures use metallics (when light reflects, usually you can see these on big surfaces) and then there's also the fact that, due the way all Warframes are made, when certain areas stretch it makes the texture defects pop out more. So it's not that it can't be fixed, but it's more that they would need to prepare the game for proper 4K assets or something to see these pop out less. As for the issue I reported in the topic, yep. Repositioning the tabard shouldn't take that long from what I gather, the script issue can be a bit more complicated.
  11. @[DE]Megan Guys, the update fix for Trinitys visor script not reflecting the changed color has turned her default to the ability green. It's supposed to be red. Can you please try to see if there's a way to set the defaults back at red without changing the default ability color? AFAIK it should be possible.
  12. I ended up testing what would happen with DSR with the override option both on and off. Ended up with a life sized noggle in both cases 🤣
  13. I'm pretty sure it's a bug, numerous animation sets are behaving like that. So far I've seen it on Hydroid, Saryn and I'm sure there was someone else too.
  14. I sum up on this, one of my biggest concerns when I saw the preliminary UI. I didn't say anything much because the Arsenal is getting a makeover anyways, so hopefully it's one of the next steps, but still should be adressed before this update hits the consoles.
  15. Steve confirmed this is getting fixed today.
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