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  1. Thanks to the above pic I just realized that the Lotus is a nun. GGWP.
  2. I think Steve said they wanted to see how the Xbox One X would turn out (back when it was Scoprio still) before seeing what they would do, but that he wanted to do something about the 4K/HDR thing as he felt it would be a great thing this upcoming year. And since PCs are slowly moving there too, I guess it will be only natural.
  3. Edo Prime with Loki Prime. As it should be. Supah japanese lookin'.
  4. If Accessories were bundled correctly (2 accessories per pack, corresponding to each PA) it would be all good. But a separate Accessories pack as things are right now would be a complete disaster. I am right now missing Sugatras only, a sigil and a single Sentinel pack. Once I get the Sentinel, you can bet I won't be really getting other stuff as there is little value for them stand alone.
  5. Yup, they had to be obviously eating decimals :P See, already a point to improve on guys ;P Thanks VoiD for the detailed information.
  6. They're working on it. Seeing it's been 40 mins it seems to be a tad hard to resolve.
  7. I was hoping it would come with Loki. You know, full japanese looking Master race ;P
  8. Ah the Noru Prime... My first Prime Syandana. I still use it to this day. Now it only needs a small tweak in physics to be purrfect. I don't care if you hate it. It's worthy of a Prime. Coincidentially, Rhino is the one that came with this Syandana, heh.
  9. That reply was to me ;P I never took that as date confirmation more than their original intention was to name it 20.8 instead of U21.
  10. Was to be expected.
  11. The question should be: Why don't you. Why don't I. We have been wasting time clicking that Edit button!
  12. Someone from DE who doesn't usually work on frame designs, if I am not mistaken. Not sure who right now though.
  13. Nope, that's one of those things community made up. You can check the Wiki, which links to the news of the Warframe website when Prime Access started being a thing.
  14. Harrow will come out on Friday. And you will wait. And you'll enjoy the wait, while posting [DE]layed and other memes. By the Void I swear it.