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  1. Nekros Prime's Hand-wings and the Deluxe skin

    The wings act as the attachment point for the Mortos Binds, which means they technically count as a part of the body even if it's a separate item (which they are). What you're asking here is the equivalent of asking the devs to make Trinity's skirt an Auxiliary Cosmetic. When Mynki designed those flaps, he most likely did them with the intention of them being a part of said thing -- LIke Vauban has longer clothes and a different neck mesh altogether.
  2. Banshee Content File

    Can confirm I can also only see the Shoulder piece using the TennoGen tool itself by opening the .obj file. Not sure if opening it on another program and resaving would fix it though, I know some stuff has had similar issues before.
  3. Thanks for the update Taylor :) EDIT: I see Banshee only shows the Shoulder armor on the TennoGen tool, while Hydroid only shows what I think is a loincloth as well. Also forgot to ask -- any updates on Oberon? Since he came inbetween those 2!
  4. Stiff Loin-Cloths and such that need fixing

    They've not forgotten! They need to touch his mesh and whatnot though, Steve went over this on a not so long ago Devstream. Hopefully this year is the year!
  5. Ayy, Forum's fixed

    Are we downplaying the sad emote?
  6. Ayy, Forum's fixed

    They took that one out on purpose so we don't become Reddit 2.0.
  7. Ayy, Forum's fixed

    But we got Emojis! Just like that new super great movie right? RIGHT!?
  8. Warframe's PBR

    Boar was already updated, in fact they made it so the central thing became the magazine. Thus I don't think they'll be changing it aesthetically at all. I actually like the Boar Prime quite a lot aesthetically myself.
  9. Warframe's PBR

    Physically Based Rendering, which is a rendering technique newer and that gives better results than the older Blinn Phong shaders they've been using since launch.–Phong_shading_model
  10. Oberon Default Helmet neck

    They can't fic this without editing the whole Oberon Prime mesh. The issue is the neck is narrower to accomodate to the Prime helmet. If they changed the neck, it would clip through the Prime helmet, so like Frost Prime's clipping issues, there's no easy way out.
  11. Warframe's PBR

    There is no weapon rereceiving PBR "per se" as far as I'm aware, except the Tigris which seems to have reverted somehow to Blinn Phong textures? Then there's the starter weapons (Skana, Lato and Braton), which were redesigned completely so they were, of course, updated again. And yes, as you noted their experience is showing now -- you can check the Spira Prime metallics and compare it to the Euphona, for example, to see how far they've come. I keep thinking Banshee Prime is their best example on how good they got with it. Must also say the upcoming Hydroid Prime is looking promising material wise. EDIT: Well, maybe I guess we could consider the Paris bow to be re PBR'd as the design changes to it were super small? :p
  12. Prime Sigil metallic aesthetic was not fixed.

    Just caught up with this one thanks to your thread. They have indeed changed the material so it looks more metallic/better, but... I think we're hoping for something else entirely. I am not quite happy yet where the Prime sigils are currently. I guess that those being 2D textures may be troublesome for them instead of the usual PBR metallics they add for Primes. Hopefully they can hit the right spot sooner than later though.
  13. Rhino Prime Iron Skin (Energy->Accent)

    The concept for Iron Skin on Prime was from the very get go a golden polished material instead of the normal one rusty, harsh look. Ever since release Rhino had a golden Iron Skin -- one that was not tintable at all -- and in fact was the first Prime Warframe to have this distinct ability look at all. Loki would follow soon thereafter and slowly it'd become a trend that would require updating the 4 oldest Primes. When he was given his PBR update last year, Kary first gave him the energy color slot for Iron Skin. You can't imagine the amount of feedback generated within hours asking for it to be consistent with his Tint 4 -- that is, his golden bits -- so people didn't have to choose to use the energy color. So I am not only hoping it won't be changed, I know it will precisely make a lot of people angry. EDIT: I just noticed they've made this mistake (Iron Skin using the Energy color) twice in the last couple of weeks and had to be fixed twice as well. Ayy DE plz!
  14. Please look into Spira Prime's coloring order

    There is no "quick" way, they'd need to remake the tint channel file. The thing is the weapon can then look quite busted though... It seems rearranging tints makes more issues than not *looks at Excalibur Prime's weird spots and cries*
  15. I really like what was shown. Reminds me of a mix between Zone of Enders' Jehuty and Anubis as well as Vergil's Devil Trigger: