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  1. Because sometimes more isn't necessarily better. The tintmask files have a max of 4 channels, and some designs simply don't work with 4 alone -- this is why certain Prime frames lost a whole tint to make way for tintable gold. And to be fair, they're not necessarily better, with Mag Prime being the worst offender: She used to have a whole yellow stripes channel that now is colored with the brown of her sides, and will never look as good anymore, unless she gets redesigned completely. As for the topic itself, what I would like to know is why the Bastet helmet tint structure was changed for starters during conversion. The original Blinn Phong one was black already: These conversions should be more carefully handled, because it's not the only item I've noticed a tint missing or changed, as Ash Immortal's skin seems to have lost some primary tint making it lose contrast in the arms. Heck, why does Valkyr's Immortal Skin suddenly have tintable metal, which makes it look black, wheras the original Blinn Phong one did not? I understand nothing, really.
  2. Don't think they will for the time being, as it could easily be an issue for their release schedules. We'll have to see how many more Warframe we're getting even, wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to slow down a bit on frames to get work on other areas in the future.
  3. Sounds good, but be careful it doesn't break on the future please. I can already see a bug report of "X ability isn't scaling with *any* weapon" 😛 Thanks for the heads up Megan 😄
  4. Some years ago. I believe it was a few months after Nekros Prime's release. I am unsure how easily it is to move the attachments around, but AFAIK they can set the placement independently on each model, just like any armor set.
  5. Not at all. They can reposition these freely, they were alright when Nekros Prime released, it got messed up later down the line after a physics change.
  6. So slippery you slide on Hydron and end up in Ruse War Field please.
  7. And there we go, July 14 fellow Tenno: https://www.warframe.com/news/titania-prime-access-ends-july-14
  8. Depends. I guess they wanted to launch for this weekend originally with TennoCon, but with the delay I guess it will move to next Tuesday at the earliest. If there's news they can post it between today and tomorrow (it's true they usually do Tuesdays, one for PA retirement and next one for next PA announcement, but sometimes they play a bit if they're a bit overwhelmed).
  9. If Riven trading was to be canned, the whole system would need an overhaul due the whole RNG layer. But I want to think the devteam will not balance resource gains around Riven traders, because otherwise it'd be a failure of their own design.
  10. They probably wanted to tie a system in there and it didn't work out, so... At some point in the futureTM.
  11. When did you message? Bear might be off for the weekend, but I am sure he'll get to you eventually 😄
  12. Would that be the default colors or custom ones? If they are the defaults, artists have access to all 256 values of each R, G, B channel, so they can basically access all the sRGB space, while the game needs to have a palette use them. What I'm trying to say is that you won't necessarily have access in-game to said colors.
  13. As Ninja Zeku says, they don't. Here's the deal: If the value used on OP's frame is from a color palette that is alphabetically after "Matisse" (in this case it's "Smoke"), it will show "Matisse" because it's the first alphabetical palette to contain said value. However, the palette should be hidden (kind of like founder items), the game thinks it's available somewhere. That's why it appears. If it was a value on "Beach" or "Classic", these should be appearing instead.
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