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  1. No, they have PBR metallics. Otherwise you could not even color them.
  2. All Archwings do have PBR treatment. All of them do. So does everything released post U15 (the Archwing update). Specially, Odonata Prime was the second Prime Access set that was released with PBR treatment alongside Volt, the first one being Nova Prime's. The last Warframe updated to PBR was Hydroid shortly after rework/Prime. The team is aware of the demand but they just don't focus their hands at it, unfortunately.
  3. NightmareT12

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    I wanted to ask two couple questions regarding Melee + one about Imugi Prime: Steve stated that Channeling will become a Devil Trigger kind of mode. Is there any asset or even Devbuild stuff that can be shown or shared about it? Sounded exciting! What's going to happen with Channeling VFX and, if removed, how could this impact the Prime Armor sets + Syandanas that have special FX associated? Lastly, but most importantly!: Imugi Prime currently doesn't use any channeling FX. Any ideas flying around the office as to what to do with it? Finally, congratulations on Fortuna -- I never knew I wanted to use hoverboards in Warframe until I had my K-Drive in my hands -- it's just too fun. Keep it up 🙂 Thanks Rebb! 😄
  4. NightmareT12

    Prime Sigils need the promised texture update

    Honestly, if it was a proper PBR update on a Warframe... But the textures on the sigils were promised almost 6 months ago now, I'd have expected one of the other 2 to be hooked up already. Then again they thought they'd be done with PBR updates between 2016 and 2017 and look at where we are. And don't even get me started on the ratio of art issues being reported VS fixed. I'll never stop saying they need more hands fixing the older stuff 😞
  5. The thing is they could have released the Edo Prime with the Sugatra with Mag and the Velorum and Pyra Prime Syandana with Nova, finally syncing all releases. Or hell, even release Nova with her accessories, Volt with his, and next time Ash + Trinity. Because indeed this unsyncs everything again.
  6. NightmareT12

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.6

    OH MY GOD AKVASTO PRIME Thank you so much! ;W;
  7. NightmareT12

    Unfocused, blurr graphics bug

    Is it possible you're using Dynamic Resolution on auto? Either this or you have Trilinear Filtering Off?
  8. If you still have the EE.log you could try submitting that through Support so they can take a look? (would something like this be registered though?)
  9. NightmareT12

    about prime access its the first time

    The Discounted Plat in Prime Access means you pay less for Plat in the packs VS the normal plat packs. For instance 1K plat is around 50$, but on Prime Access 50$ nets you 1050 plat + 2 weapons. The bigger the pack, the bigger the "discount".
  10. NightmareT12

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    Thanks guys for the fixes so early in the week 🙂 And I err, guess I'll shamelessly quote myself from the other thread too 😛
  11. NightmareT12

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    Still no fix for this couple small Chroma Prime art issues present since launch (off axis loncloth + loincloth disappearing on Effigy): Also it's great that Vox Solaris is replayable! But... what about Chimera 👀
  12. NightmareT12

    Update the market UI, it's hurting your game

    If there's anything in any product of any kind that shouldn't need a complex step by step explanation of how it works, is purchasing. Whether it's this game's Market UI or what content a Season Pass includes (something I sadly see still in new releases). What I'm trying to say is that's precisely the step you want your costumer to understand quickly and efficiently without much work or effort on their part.
  13. NightmareT12

    Imugi prime armor

    Channeling is staying as a Devil Trigger kind of mode according to Steve last time he spoke about it. But I'd rather wait until Melee 3.0 finally lands and then ask for the proper effects to be integrated.
  14. NightmareT12

    Adventures of the K-Drive

    Congratulations, you have unlocked the TRUE endgame: K-Driving through the Origin System playing as Drivey, the smol K-Drive.
  15. NightmareT12

    Arbitrations: Being a nice host is a problem

    If they are, for whatever the reason, kicked (which happens quite often in this game), the Arbitration will be marked as complete and you can't re-enter it until the next one happens.