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  1. NightmareT12

    Old Prime Sigils and Metallics

    Cycuta has not received this neither. So I guess they haven't found the time to hook them up yet. Hope it's soonish though.
  2. NightmareT12

    Excalibur Prime Tint Mask and Default Color issues

    They just recently attempted (not fixed yet) to fix an issue with Mag Prime I reported well before this, so they probably need to catch up. The tint mask stuff requires quite some time to fix (and I guess sometimes it's ignored or pushed back in favor of other stuff). I still hope they can adress this at some point though.
  3. NightmareT12

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    No. What is happening is the rest of the team working on stuff you're asking for is either, working on the announced updates, which are big and ambitious (Fortuna, Railjack) or doing other stuff that seems to be taking forever because, as it seems to be, they work on stuff that doesn't seem to make ever the cut because it's not satisfactory enough or whatever (Clan Kingpin system). Dark Sectors had a number of versions before what we now know as Sanctuary Onslaught came into the game, and from what it seems seeing various Devstreams, they never talk about those "failed attempts" or "shelved for later" projects publicly. The good news is Steve seems to find a way to reintroduce his ideas at some point afterwards somehow.
  4. NightmareT12

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    I kind of miss the red now Drew! Think you can give both, Dark and Light themes a couple colors each for buttons and stuff like before? Also since the Dark Theme used to have other art, will you be putting new renders? Heck, why not have a Prime theme (in both, white and gold and black in gold) with Prime frames in the render... Why did I never think of this before. How could I, Prime master of all.
  5. NightmareT12

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    DE has acknowledged on one of the platforms (Facebook?) that they know there's a strong desire for a rework. But I guess they've got a few other things first in the list.
  6. NightmareT12

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    That's the idea The look is heavily inspired in a roman stripe that would be worn by high class members (senators and such). Which follows the classical roman inspiration for the Orokin designs, except this timke instead of black, white or royal purple they've decided to use this red color (which goes even more straiught to the point).
  7. NightmareT12

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    Platinum is always included of course. Same Plat as always in every platform. Beware Tenno. HIGH NOON IS SOON.
  8. NightmareT12

    Question Regarding Prime Access

    Yes, it's a single time purchase in exchange of the items and the Platinum+Boosters included.
  9. NightmareT12

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    Oh my God those accessories look so good. So buying the whole pack *drool*
  10. NightmareT12

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    That'd be great! Also the simple thought of having the bugs subforums be a tad more specific could do wonders. I'm so excited now, the anticipation...
  11. Someone bribe Ray please -- Volt+Prime and Vauban (Tenno) still need their cloth physics :')
  12. NightmareT12

    Armor Parts

    I think the biggest gripe would be placement -- shoulders stay relatively well adjusted but I fear the forearms would wave too much from the attachment point.
  13. I think it's been happening ever since they introduced the feature on the website, but as for the relevant question (whether it's something DE can fix or Twitch's issue) I have no idea. I'm with you on it being crazy both, annoying wise and data wise -- it's deadly.
  14. I deeply appreciate that you took some time to make this post Rebb! I will admit though it is not exactly what I'd hope to read entirely and this year has been quite paused in favor of really big updates. I have to say that as excited as I am for Melee 3.0, Fortuna and Railjack (now with Archwing flavor) I miss some of those more regular, world building contents we used to have: The Gradivus Dilemma, Tubeman of Regor, etc. as well as more reinforcements (especially Tenno weapons). I just hope you guys can find the right balance to be able to deliver a bit more playable stuff without so much pause -- I know you can do it! Looking forward next Devstream for more Melee news and the upcoming Chroma Prime notice soonTM though. Thanks again for your time Rebb!
  15. NightmareT12

    Frame Fighter has no Controller Support...

    Precisely a lot of people complained about needing to use a Virtual Keyboard on the Steam Big Picture mode. If there is one, it needs to be an independent option from controller use on itself in the General or UI Options tabs.