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  1. I bought Prime Access/Accessories...

    Take screenshot -> Copy image to USB -> :D
  2. I bought Prime Access/Accessories...

    Mirage is crying in a corner.
  3. Primed Ship Skin: Interior Design

    That would be a chore though because it would require 2x the effort to invest whenever it's being expanded -.-
  4. DE please remove ayatan sculptures from sortie rewards.

    Just edited the post, but while they certainly added kuva, 4k endo is still there. Ehhh... Can't understand why they didn't just raise the Anasa price and change that for something else.
  5. DE please remove ayatan sculptures from sortie rewards.

    When was it added though? I'd swear I got 4k endo not too long ago >_> EDIT: I was right, they're both still there, checked right now. Anasa is common and 4K endo is uncommon (silver)
  6. DE please remove ayatan sculptures from sortie rewards.

    Didn't DE say they'd take one of the two Endo rewards out for something else though, since they're basically the same thing? I wonder what happened with that.
  7. Warframe has a growing Freeloader Problem

    I hate people that do nothing at all, but anything that gives player control to exclude another from a party is something that must NOT enter this game at all. The solution would come by actually punishing the player without taking poor innocents at hand as well, which is hard by itself already, but I'm pretty sure there must be something they can do. Anyways, the same way I don't expect people to give me orders in a public game (ie: Camp here you fool) I don't expect anything from other players in public sortie matchmaking. You can always use recruitment, clan, friends... I believe the game offers quite good alternatives. Sounds sadisitically fun lol
  8. Who is the artist behind the Syandana? Is he/she aware of this?
  9. Why Mirage Prime why?

    Because they caught up with Volt's Prime Access if he had not used an Archwing in the pack without a single weapons :D
  10. How is Mirage Prime Even Possible?

    No, it's not a mass production model. Re read where my complaint goes into. Primes are mass produced models by the Orokin. It's not like there's just a few of one and many of the others. There's literally no "mass production" special part.
  11. More PBR Please

    Yeah, but I'd rather have them do it slowly but right than quickly and wrong. Last time we got a bunch update it was done too quick and the items presented some issues. Mynki seemed to take the time to do the first few he did, which came up much more nicely.
  12. How is Mirage Prime Even Possible?

    That is not true and I'm getting sick of seeing this fan explanation getting passed around as a fact. Primes are the Orokin versions, the normal stuff is Tenno recreated versions. How do people manage to still believe that when even the wiki article for "Prime" directs to the info in that article is well beyond me. TBH, that just sounds like DE should update the descriptions so they're accurate and consistent with their actual idea.
  13. More PBR Please

    Nyx has no PBR, Nyx Prime has. They're aware of it and keep doing it, they just need to find time to do it. Once Mirage and Zephyr are out, they can use each Prime release to update the older frames, since from Limbo onwards everyone featured PBR. I mean, this year we had Banshee, Oberon and Hydroid updated frame wise, and a few weapons got the treatment as well (plus Vandals and Wraiths not too long ago!)
  14. Help! The new hotfix broke my game!

    Many performance related changes (I guess lots of code has been changed?) + texture fixes + it seems to prepare the game for the last update of the year with the new Warframe and whatnot.
  15. Not this one anymore! :D It's fixed as well. Jolly I'm almost crying out of happiness ;W;