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  1. I'm surprised you have not noticed the default Banshee patterns on her chest, which should not be there...
  2. Allies. 5 AM while my eye hurt like a little... Hyekka, don't ask much from me :P It still would not make much sense. Oberon is some sort of purifying Paladin that is thematically linked to Earth (thus why DE said he had some druidy stuff going on), but he's supposed to be based on a white stag that appears on the Arturian legend as well as a knight (you can totally see that one by his distribution. He has armor pieces, he has helmet looking helms, he has the general outline of a knight). The "roots" design wise are there because he was intertwined to Earth (he released on 11.5 alongside the new tileset, let us not forget), but he's always been advertised as a Paladin that is all about, how to encapsule it, duty? That's why I say they shouldn't add the vegetation thing there. He's all about purifying fire (that's how Hallowed Ground is right now), justice -- the Orokin's law enforcer. Ever since they changed Vay Hek to contain Hydroid and he was gone from Earth though... Man, DE should totally recheck that.
  3. Hallowed Ground shpuld not use flowers. It's supposed to ve purifying fire. And Renewal shouldn't be a wave. RIP saving allies across rooms. Will write something more properly when it's not 5AM. *sigh*
  4. Pssst, Scott is actually @[DE]Grineeer ;)
  5. Isn't Warframe's FoV vertical angle, which means it should be ~100 of Horizontal angle? Read something yesterday on WF's Reddit, will see if I can regain the link.
  6. Thanks for the correction there! :)
  7. Again, they just PBR'd Banshee. Stop ignoring her ppl wtf I qq.
  8. The last on ethey did was Banshee with U20. The ones before that were the last 4 Primes back in April last year with Rathuum. And the one before that was Saryn, who shipped with her Prime. BTW, I need to note due that person saying it took him 2 hours to do that, that they redo the tint channels and stuff. IDK much about doing this but it doesn't sound like 2 hours to me.
  9. It's not so much about fashionframe as it is better looking game. I know they look forward to having all the assets done, but welp.
  10. @Trentiel I think the level of glossy (which I think is actually some sort of specular?) you'd like is the same as in the brown parts of the Mag Immortal skin, eh? ;)
  11. Excalibur was done by Mynki though. I think he was done from scratch actually? The new process for the rest is a bit more "automatic". Anyways, the real reason is DE does prefer to focus resources on the new content. While I understand that, I keep thinking they should have porbably changed the handling for this for a while to give it some priority... Hmm...
  12. I can't believe you forgot Scott! And George too! :P These are great though, I hope they catch wind of these! :D
  13. Let me not only disagree with you, but say that I hope they don't stray too far from their unique visual style. By the way, the artist that did the skins was IgnusDei (who works as a professional artist AFAIK, although here he was more known as a fanartist), and the guy that made the Primes was mostly Mynki, the game's director. Also I think the person that did Chroma's Deluxe concept is not a DE artist neither? Someone correct me if I am wrong? I stand corrected.
  14. I think 220/250 would work wonders. But yes, basically... WHERE DO I SIGN!?
  15. That does not mean it's harder to incorporate changes -- it means DE simply doesn't want to do it. It doesn't matter if the feedback happens early or 24 hours after it's hit, if DE wants to implement changes they will, if they don't want to, they won't. So I will restate my answer. Hell, I'm playing him right now Solo without big numbers (130-150% in all attributes), without augments and I'm managing to stay alive even with the flimsy 150 armor + whatever Hallowed Ground gives... If those were in a better shape, I wouldn't even be struggling at all.