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  1. Rebecca for the love of God tell me this will finally adress some textures like Wukong's emissives looking weirdly pixelated or like they aren't fully loaded. Because I'm just gonna melt if that's the case. And I'm liking the extra detail seen. A lot.
  2. Taking into account the Corposant Prime, the Static Reactor Sigil Prime and other similar stuff works the same way, I doubt a case of false advertising can be made. I don't have the ephemera (since I'm waiting to see if they change anything, whether the changes are up to my liking, etc), but I can comment a few things here: The way the current animation works wouldn't work very well when moving, but it could work if the dragons moved in the direction you go at your side (instead of constantly circling). This could work by fading out and fading in when changing the action, but it req
  3. It has extra polarities indeed, but it's not a forma applied game code wise!
  4. Thanks for ensuring everyone has a chance at the weapon. Have fun frying enemies to death, fellow Tenno! 😛
  5. I appreciate you guys wanted to give this for people who missed out on Scarlet Spear, but I'd dare say it would feel better if this one wasn't RNG based. Other than that, thanks for the goodies as always :3
  6. First of all: Thanks for the heads up Rebecca. You guys really didn't have to do it, but it's great to see you commit to the playerbase. Second: Indeed. Things look like it will take a long, long time before anywhere in the world can go back to normal. Which can be exasperating. I'm pretty sure the worst part isn't even the work or the lack of office per hardware, but rather not seeing the people you work with everyday -- at least it's starting to take a toll here. Update wise for Warframe I'm just hoping some key parts of the office can be used (ie: mocap) when needed if the
  7. The fact I didn't initially recognize Parvos Granum showcases we need more of him. MORE! Also that Sargas art *____*
  8. Equip another helmet and reequip the one you had! It's due a bug with the Dullahan mask :3
  9. Unfortunately not the only item I've seen with this kind of issue, which is one of the reasons I'd like DE to ship better res/compression textures.
  10. If you're referring who I think you are, he isn't part of the program. Double check it!
  11. There is no right piece, it's asymmetrical by design.
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