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  1. Can we get cloth physics for Volt?

    He's on the backburner. Unfortunately he'll be toasted when it comes out. Get it? Ge-- *gets vortex'd*
  2. I don't think it should be too troublesome to code, as the Operator suits had a similar issue. Maybe they'll have to reset the default colors and then there's the database space, though.
  3. Request for Founder Glyphs

    No one's opening anything. I'm becoming increasingly tired of the taboo anything Founder related is because DE (not any of us players) decided to handle it like it was. I can't even ask for a texture issue to be corrected for Excalibur Prime without at least one post being basically disapproval just because it's Excalibur Prime and said person doesn't have it. If asking for some avatars/graffity thingies is far too much, maybe we (community wise) have a problem. I feel DE is a bit at fault here too because they're too much careful trying to not make a fuss too, which in turn brings said items to complete forgetness. I wouldn't even give a damn if the items were free at this point. The items deserve some love and it's clear they won't get it as long as it's a taboo. EDIT: Just to make it clear, not saying it's your specific fault, I know it sounds a bit too personal :P
  4. Request for Founder Glyphs

    Yes, that would also be nice indeed. ... man I do really want them now, why did I click here XD
  5. Is Volt Prime's Head in the Wrong Place?

    Volt would ideally need a proper animation because his neck is larger than most Warframes. Since they have to use the same resources on everyone, stuff like this happen.
  6. Mag Deluxe Cloth Makes her look bulky

    Thanks for the insight! Looks like this one didn't get as many changes as others too. I kind of understand from your earlier comment that you wanted the cloth to be glued for the top half right? I believe that the way they use clothing on Warframe they need to make the whole cloth be a cloth or try to lie a little (like in Frost's coat, although you can see the textures are not 100% jointed).
  7. Chromatic Aberration - can we please disable it?

    Remember Warframes do move even idle (breathing) so Motion Blur is pretty much always on. Unless you're aiming with a Codex Scanner. But AFAIK Motion Blur is just Motion Blur. As for the topic itself, kind of sad no one's been able to give an answer. I'm starting to wonder if this is because of the dynamic day night cycle lighting, so what's being blurred is effectively the lighting. Although I guess that makes no sense ecks dee.
  8. Mag Deluxe Cloth Makes her look bulky

    This is the earliest record of the concept I have, back from October 31st 2016 when it was shown on Devstream and afterwards I asked Taylor if she could post the pic somewhere. She sent me this: Seems pretty close to what we got. Now, however, whether or not Ignus was aware of the changes like it happened with Ember is something else entirely. He also has not uploaded AFAIK the final concept he sent to DE before Mynki added any changed he had to/wanted to, so insert a shrug here.
  9. Oct 16: Early Morning Eastern Time Maintenance.

    Awesome! Thanks Glen! :)
  10. Are you using Steam Big Picture mode? If so, disable that. Using the standalone version of Warframe, I can change controls at any time in any menu or gameplay situation on the fly with both on.
  11. Hi there! First of all, I haven't had the bug happen to myself but a clanmate has told me he has had this happen twice to him already, so I thought I'd post it here. Apparently when you're using an Opticor and 2 Eidolon Lures, then deal the final blow to the Eidolon Teralyst, after the "extra loot" animation ends the loot is impossible to pick. He also noted that Arca Plasmor may also be affected by this weird bug. I'm wondering if anyone else here has had something similar happen? Thanks in advance!
  12. Oct 16: Early Morning Eastern Time Maintenance.

    Hey Glen, can I ask where the old matchmaking server was placed for EU people? Curious to know more than anything, if possible :P And thanks!
  13. They can't fix that, really. Because the issue is not the animation, but the weapon size. There's always outliers in all animations.
  14. Oberon Prime's shoulders are horrid

    I explained this many times already but... The armor piece includes the pauldron of default Oberon. That's because Mynki's design needed it to be this way. They can't change it unless they redesign Oberon Prime completely -- and seeing Frost Prime needs it more, honestly, I don't see this happening any time soon. So yeah.
  15. Remember that just like with Cephalon Fragments, the Glass Shards from Saya's Vigil and the Fish statues scans contain a hidden message! ;) And thanks yet again Mursukorva :D