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  1. Yo Taylor, you should have pressed enter again right before: "If you found Gauss’ Prex in the Leverian, here is a sneak peek at other Prexes you can find in-game in the future:" at the end 😛
  2. You guys got me excited. But what about the update name! 😮
  3. Here's hoping they get the time to tweak whatever's causing this with the upcoming mainline.
  4. Yay! Just a single question for devstream Rebb: Since Steve teased mid September that the team was verifying intended lighting changes, and nothing has been shipped yet, are the next adjustments coming with the next update? Thanks for your time as always!
  5. No one on console has or should have Excalibur Prime. DE barred that because it was unfair to the rest of the playerbase of the platform. It's one of the things that made me not do the transfer back for PS4's launch.
  6. That's something Steve tweeted about mid September post Saint of Altra feedback and changes, so I'm hoping next devstream they say something about it. On another note, they were working on a system to change materials although no promises are made yet.
  7. Non Prime assets are still using Blinn Phong, and aren't updated to PBR material system. Not a bug.
  8. Can you guys share your settings? It would be possible one of the lighting settings (or rather, lack of) is causing this. Thinking on Dynamic Lighting and, especially, Adaptive Exposure. To clarify: I haven't had this happen to me on the Void or Lua, for instance.
  9. To be fair, I noticed in the Prime Access page the Syandana sits lower avoiding the clipping: Current in game for comparision: What my head can't wrap around, though, is that they could have gone around this by simply designing the first golden attachment thingie a curved mesh, like the Abbera Prime: Ah, good ol' DE 😛
  10. Intention is Primary changes the rocks, Accents is for the gold, while Emissives change the energy cracks and Energy would be used for the Petrify effect according to the wiki.
  11. No, Accessories (and more specifically, what the topic is referring to) are what's sold in Prime Accessories packs. The default shoulder pads are core parts of the design of a Warframe that, given the system the game uses, are counted as separate mesh to avoid conflict with these extra accessories. Which is why the team had to go and cut the meshes and textures to ship them as separate pieces (and why the Primes of Volt, Oberon and Hydroid were shipped with them in such way from the get go).
  12. @Xaero Lines (and others) on base stuff (and literally other similar asstes) are blurry because of compression. As far as I know, DE has the same texture resolution for all their original assets. Could be fixed relatively quickly if DE wanted to (maybe they don't want due game size, low end GPU processing, etc.) The reason for the change is that the Alt Helmet has WRONG materials and texture map values, as it probably wasn't done by Mynki.
  13. Sorry, my bad for the misunderstanding 😅
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