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  1. Oh my my! Better save the date then. Thanks for the heads up as always Rebb :)
  2. They can release Gara with 2 weapons and add the third through Baro relics if they really want to Prime all 3.
  3. I'd love to say I'm excited but honestly, seeing the texture results (mainly the overcompression everywhere) I'm very cautious. Any news regarding on how are you guys going to follow that up? PS: Happy new year y'all!
  4. Looks like copy pasting to the Forums broke the format 😅 Other than that, thanks for all the work! See you guys in 2021 😄
  5. Not all of them anymore, some have started to show some Prime toggle options (ie: Hydroid). Was very surprised, but it isn't widespread.
  6. Highly understandable and deserved. Thanks for the hard work you guys have poured this year with the special load COVID meant. Really hoping you guys get a good rest and, in the measure of what's feasible in Canada, you can enjoy some time with your families if possible. See you in 2021 for what we all collectively hope is a much better year!
  7. I have a question: Is there any chance the tech used for Relay Blessings can be used for the Loki Statue in the trophy room? I'm fairly sure a lot of people would like to customize it to that of their Warlords, which would already be a huge step forward.
  8. I have a question. One that's been burning for long now among some of us: Warframe Original Soundtrack Volume 2 WHEN!? :p
  9. The thing is the default color for the skull depends on the default color of other stuff, and since not all Necramechs will use the same design, switching it around means the skull can't necessarily look like, well, a skull.
  10. Refer to this topic! If you continue having issues despite doing what's exposed there, I recommend posting there so DE can keep investigating.
  11. Fairly sure if she gets Prime instruments it'll be merely for building her 😄
  12. Deletes old assets (obsolete ones, to free up space) and moves active assets around so they're closer in the disk drive (to help loading times).
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