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We Need More Feedback From Our Equipment.


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At the moment equipment feedback is simple, maybe too so. We have Damage, accuracy, Fire rate, and clip size. How do we know how much recoil, reload speed, and everything else that would be nice to know? You buy the weapon and waste your time to find out it has far too much recoil, or the reload speed is too slow even with the upgrade.


Let's give a better example. Sentinels, to look at my sentinels shields I have to crouch down, look up, and rotate my camera until it looks at my own sentinel. This is very counter intuitive and I have no clue how much health it has until it's shields go away, if it's abilities are ready, if it's even leveling up, or if it's died already.


Here's some suggestions:

1. Add a "More Details" button that shows all the stats, zoom, recoil (a simple high, low medium will do fine), fire rate, reload, damage, clip size, ect.


2. Add a section under your warframe status for the sentinel that shows if it has a revive left, if it's ability is ready, it's health, shields, and affinity.


3. Add small sentinel specific health bars to the show team tab, this way if a valuable sentinel is going down a trinity can heal it.


Edit: Also mods. I have no clue what some mods do when I level up. "What happens if I level up revive?" I say "Do I get more revives?" Nope... more HP on a revive. 


4. Be more specific with mods as well, similar to the skill mods, when you mouse over it let the game say "This is what happens when you level up" and show a stat. I have vaporize on my dethcube and so far it's vaporized absolutely nothing, the wiki says "periodically" so I assume leveling it increases the chance to vaporize.

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It's sad... but I get all this info from the wiki instead of the game. The game's weapon stats are terribly insufficient, and in the case of some of them [like the akbolto's accuracy] completely wrong.

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The sentinel's revive mod doesn't actually revive the sentinel once it dies, it's just a heal that it uses when on low hp, again check the wiki


Either way it stops it from dying and I want to know if it has used it or not so I can keep it alive.

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