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Dark Sword Potato



Hey guys! i was just wondering if it's a good idea to potato the Dark Sword.


From reading the wiki, it seems like it's the most viable longsword-type weapon out there right now.


i currently have an Amphis (lvl 30), a Gram (lvl 30), a Cronus (lvl 9), and a Glaive (lvl 5). i sold my Skana after acquiring the Amphis, and then used the Amphis on my first run in Tolstoj, where i got the Cronus BP. :B


Thanks for the help, guys!

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thanks for the feedback, guys.


i already tatered both the Gram and the Amphis, and they are both very good.


i do miss the longsword playstyle, and the Dark Sword is just a beautiful weapon to look at.

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I potatoed mine, no regrets. Very nice charge attack spam blade, with Reflex Coil and Killing Blow. It's the coolest looking sword in the game IMO along with the Pangolin.



Ether Sword is cooler :[

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