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  1. DE said the next update is Tempestarii and it's for both PC and consoles. So they're gonna hype the heck out of it in the leadup to the release like they do for every big mainline update. Since hype levels are minimal right now, we're probably not looking at a release for two or three weeks.
  2. The reactor is always on the bottom of the ship.
  3. All of them are basically a single central shaft attached to the hallway you enter from, with a pilot hallway on the bottom of the shaft at the opposite end from your entry point. You go up or go down to hit a console to open the reactor. I don't understand how anyone can possibly see this as confusing, and, indeed, corpus crewships are very much faster to do than grineer ones.
  4. What? My pilot flies the ship all the time. Only thing he doesn't do is that dodge/drift/slide mechanic. He'll also shoot the pilot guns, though he won't do it too often because he prefers to circle around targets instead of point towards them. If your pilot is just sitting there, you might have a bug.
  5. They absolutely can when they're assigned to engineering. I know because taking my ship with starter plating to the veil saw a lot of catastrophic hull breaches; I'd have never succeeded if I had to come back to fix them myself every time. Anyway: Overall, I'm extremely happy with Command Intrinsic. It does almost everything I wanted, I just have three major complaints: 1. Your crew won't shoot at exterior objectives (eg grineer radiators, corpus security nodes). I'd really like if gunners were able to shoot at these on their own, to save me from having to pop back to the s
  6. The new missions are okay, but I feel like we could use more connection between the railjack and ground portions - right now, it feels like it turns into a totally normal mission once you board the capital ship, rather than a mission where you've got a railjack offering support on the outside. If I wanted to play a normal corpus mission, I'd go to the old nodes. The old grineer railjack missions did this feeling better, since you have a boarding team and a crew on the ship both helping each other complete objectives. It'd be nice if we got more of that in the corpus missions - eg allow crew to
  7. I see "piloting" is a stat crewmates can have - does this mean that if we're running solo, we can have a crewmate take the helm and fly the ship while we go off boarding PoIs and the like?
  8. My biggest question is when are we going to get necramechs on normal missions? Orphix Venom whet my appetite and I really want more.
  9. So, did DE mention when they were going to turn on mechs for every mission now that orphix venom stress tested the gameplay? I'd really like to take my mech into steel path missions outside of open worlds and see how it does.
  10. Vauban bastille and a level 30 infested mission is my usual go to. As long as you're proactive about it you can keep the infested from getting a shot off. In theory, Gara could also work pretty well, since the glass walls block enemies from getting too close to the pod. You could possibly wait for a sortie defense mission and bring limbo - banish the defense target and keep him banished?
  11. So does that mean we're going to have less potatoes/devstream alerts? That's probably going to hurt new players, because those alerts were one of the only reliable ways for newbies to get taters.
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