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  1. Servers are generally a lot more powerful than any individual player host's machine. The connection itself is only part of what drives lag/system instability. Plus, a server would almost certainly have a much better connection than the average home connection, so instead of two bad home connections talking, it'd be one excellent enterprise-level connection and one bad home connection talking. Of course, we do already have some servers - hubs like Cetus and Fortuna are all hosted on servers. Though, extending this to all the game would probably be prohibitively costly since there's some tricks they use in hubs to keep things manageable (ie no pets/animations more complex than walking, no combat, no AI, etc etc etc.) Ultimately tho, DE's been clear that servers are too expensive for them even despite the advantages, and I'm sure they've got better numbers than us players to make that decision with.
  2. They already do this. Enemies will take cover behind nullifier bubbles and shield lancers, or available terrain cover like blunts/chest high walls when tenno don't catch them in the middle of a hallway/door. The only enemies that mindlessly charge are butchers and infested. Even scorpions will take cover and wait for you to become distracted at times. If a tenno stops moving, they'll use grenades to flush them out. If they can, they'll attempt to flank you while distracted (they love to do this if a Nox is on the field.) Heavies, especially ones with rocket launchers, will hang back while the smaller ones advance under covering fire. Warframe's AI is pretty good when it's allowed to operate. It's just not very obvious to the players because 1. We bounce around so much and 2. We kill the enemies so quickly that they don't get to show off their AI behaviors. This is a problem fundamentally inherent to horde shooters - the horde churns so quickly that any AI they have gets missed. TBH I wonder if the solution is to go with a smoke and mirrors approach ala FEAR - FEAR's AI was lauded for being amazing, but in reality the AI was fairly dumb, it just seemed smart because it gave audio cues when it was doing something and the clever level design made it seem like it was smarter than it was. The level design aspect probably wouldn't work for warframe AI given how our levels have to be designed to allow for crazy tenno mobility, but the audio aspect might be worht looking into.
  3. Yes. This in particular is one of the core criticisms of Warframe and more particularly, it's devs. It's become a visible pattern where DE puts out a given piece of content, sets the grind dial to "no life king", dials it back due to community outcry days/weeks/months later, promises that they understand the community will only tolerate a certain degree of grind... And then the next piece of content comes out with the dial right back on maximum. This wasn't always so - I remember my initial impressions of Fortuna being extremely favorable because I was comparing them to my experience with the Plains of Grindolon (and how the fish grind broke me. To this day I still haven't gotten rank 5 on ostron standing, though the situation is very much improved now that they backported a lot of the anti-grind mechanisms in Fortuna back to the Plains, so this is now totally on me.) This isn't to say that bugs aren't important, they totally are, but in my experience, the community will put up with bugs as long as they aren't total progression stoppers, but they won't put up with awful rewards or megagrinds or, worse, megagrinds to get awful rewards. Ultimately, the players want to feel they used their time in warframe productively. And happy players are ones that buy plat and recommend warframe to their friends. Ehhhhhhhh. You lost me here. Railjack's core gameplay is some of the most fun I've ever had in warframe. The ability to go from space pirate to space ninja and back again seamlessly is amazing to me. I love being able to take Warframe's great on foot gameplay and mate it to space battles, with the boarding mechanic being a particular standout. Everyone I've spoken to has nothing but praise for the underlying gameplay there. The problem with Railjack (besides the bugs, which are mostly fixed by now) is the dearth of content. More POIs like the sentient anomaly, more mission types. More drops/mechanics that have a use outside of railjack (imagine if there was like a space marine intrinsic that provided buffs to a tenno when they're on foot, regardless of whether they're on a railjack mission or just lulzing around in Adaro?) More enemy variety. ...Well, that and how solo unfriendly the game mode is. Railjack really needs command intrinsics to shine, IMO, though I might be biased saying this because I prefer to solo and don't have the best connection. Then again I've dumped enough money into warframe over the years to count as some form of spacewhale, so it's not like people like me don't help keep DE in business.
  4. Well yeah, sure you'd rather have something different, but that doesn't matter to the point I'm making, which is that DE didn't choose themes based on how popular they seem, but based on other criteria. Again, this is exactly how it worked with Nova. Tenno submit ideas, DE picks what ideas they like, gives the council the opportunity to vote for which idea to choose. Of course, if what they did with Nova holds true, we'll probably end up getting some of the runner up themes in other frames eventually, like we did with Zephyr and Valkyr. I just did. In the OP for this thread, all DE says is that they'll pick a top ten for the council to choose from. They say nothing about what criteria they'd use to pick that top ten, and they absolutely don't say they'll pick the themes to present to the council based on popularity. "Top ten" could easily mean "Top ten themes DE likes enough to consider making a frame around." What they say is that they'll go with what the council votes for, and that's probably what's confusing you - just like with Nova, DE chooses a set of themes they like, then gives the council a choice of those themes to proceed further. DE at no point promised they would pick the most popular themes from the community. Certainly there's good reasons not to choose some of them, like the quadruped frame that got a lot of likes but which would be a nightmare to implement.
  5. Protea already has a time-based ability and DE doesn't choose these themes based on popularity directly - they choose based on what they like and/or can feasibly implement. It was like this with Nova as well. The most popular themes weren't chosen by DE last time around either. Like, the quadruped frame was a really popular theme idea this time going by likes, but that's not on the council's voting docket. Probably because DE couldn't implement it without a tremendously massive amount of animation reworks for little to no gain (quadruped needs new animations for every weapon in the game and those new animations only work on the quadruped, not other frames) so they made the decision to pass over that one. Frankly, I don't mind this mechanism. While it's cool that the community gets a hand in shaping the next frame, not many of us are professional game designers who know how to make something work, and I suspect a lot of these themes in practice would end up sucking. Like, summoner frame. Popular thematic idea... But I don't think a frame built entirely around summoning pets would be a good idea - Khora's cat is more of a neat gimmick than something you can rely on, and a summoner frame almost by definition would be built entirely around pet AI.
  6. Exilus forma wouldn't be power creep since you can already polarize exilus slots with normal forma. Exilus forma just means you don't have to shift your mod polarities around as much to try out different builds. Though in a general sense, power creep is a necessary thing, since otherwise you have no real progression and hence no reason for players to keep playing (and buying plat).
  7. Ehh, it would be a really bad move on DE's part to make an operation that only veterans can have fun with. Community events are best played by the entire community, in order to drive engagement. The trouble here is that until recently railjack costs were such that only very dedicated vets had jacks at all, and even now only dedicated ones have enough intrinsics/weapons/experience with the game mode/etc to not be a burden in the railjack stage, on account of how bad starter railjacks are, and how dead railjack nodes are, with the lack of command intrinsics making it so that you can't really solo railjack nodes without either a maxed out jack or super time consuming strategies like parking the ship at the edge of the map and slowly grinding enemies down in your amesha. (Unless you're lucky enough to get that SSR void hole drop, in which case you can kill everything in seconds.) Basically, I predict this event is gonna go poorly because there's simply not enough vets with good railjacks to carry everyone else, even when you only need one vet with good jack to seven other tenno. Releasing command intrinsics earlier could help blunt this by at least letting players try to solo and build up their jacks in preparation. I could be wrong though - might be that DE will tune the balance enough that sigma mk1 jacks with minimal intrinsics are competitive enough, though that might end up being silly in practice with supposedly super deadly sentients being vastly easier to kill than mook kosma grineer and veteran tenno turbofarming the event with ease, oneshotting everything left and right.
  8. "Command is still being worked on." Okay DE, but it really needs to be out sooner rather than later. Railjack is already starting to look like a ghost town and it's so time consuming to solo railjack content without command intrinsics unless you happen to have a maxed out railjack already (or at least that 0.5% drop chance void hole) that few will actually have the kind of railjacks they need to have fun in that half of the event. As it stands I predict tons of squads on the ground mission and a tiny handful of dedicated tenno space pirates in their railjacks.
  9. Is new operator dialog for general gameplay in the cards at all? I'm getting kind of tired of "Corpus use tech weapons", and some variety would help a lot. The operator dialog in quests (ie TWW/Sacrifice) is good, and it'd be nice to have some of that quality in the main game. Also, are you guys considering going back and adding more stuff to the liset radio? While it's cool, it kind of feels static hearing the same stuff over and over.
  10. The Grendel missions were so annoying that to date I've only done the survival one and have no desire to do the other two. Given how wildly unpopular they are, DE should probably focus on different ways to generate challenging gameplay, rather than removing all effective counterplay against corpus cheese. Also, content that can't be solo'd is very punishing for players who don't have good internet connections, so that's another issue.
  11. While it would be a lot more immersive to simply have the larvling carry the relevant gun, I can see why they went with this popup icon - it's a lot harder to mistake, and much easier to tell what gun you're going to get at a glance. I mean, imagine you kill your larvaling in a dark tile and you can't really see what gun they had. Is it a hind? A karak? A chakhurr? At least this way you know what exactly you're going to get weaponwise without having to squint at it.
  12. The problem with your position here is that you aren't being punished for failing with liches, you're being punished for a wrong guess that you only had a 1 in 9 chance of getting right, assuming you've farmed up all your murmurs. Worse, there's no counterplay, it's just "didn't roll the dice right? Well have a broken spine for your trouble." Punishing a player screwup is one thing, punishing RNG not coming up in your favor is quite another.
  13. So... When are command intrinsics coming? I'd really like to be able to solo railjack content without needing to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.
  14. If you're having trouble getting the credits you need to build a railjack, you've got a couple options. You could try soloing the index - with frames like revenant or rhino, it's fairly easy, though I prefer Gara for solo index credit farming (as opposed to prodman farming) because I can wall off the point drop off and the AI is usually too dumb to get through. You could also resort to the old way of credit accumulation pre-index - ye olde Sechura. Do five waves of Sechura (pluto dark sector defense), hop out, repeat. That being said, you don't need a railjack yourself to be useful in railjack content. A lot of players don't even bother to take their own railjack out of the drydock and instead rely on dropping into others' ships to help them out. The limiting factor here is intrinsics, which you get from playing railjack content either as pilot or crew, and use to improve your capabilities at railjack content. However, you don't need a railjack of your own to level and spend intrinsics, you can also do that from your profile.
  15. The trouble with this is that PC gets frequent hotfixes because PC doesn't need to cert updates like consoles do. Remember, a lot of the time here on PC the hotfixes introduce new bugs that would straight up prevent them from being certified on a console, and since DE relies on PC players to beta test, we need time to find any new bugs they add. It's the price we pay for being on the serrated edge of warframe updates. DE needs to squash those new bugs if they want their new update to pass cert, which takes time. If you guys want faster updates for your consoles, you can either start buying more plat to give DE an economic incentive to push updates onto consoles faster, or you can petition Sony/Microsoft to loosen their cert requirements.
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