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  1. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Devstream #102 Sound Showcase!

    Are there any plans to add more operator chatter? It's getting a little repetitive hearing "corpus have tech weapons" over and over. On a related note, are there any plans to add new voiceovers to the radio in the liset?
  2. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Devstream #96!

    Question: At Tennocon you guys said you'd give us new polearm stances, and that's great. Especially with Gundao and the new weapon crafting mechanic. But that doesn't exactly fix the polearm stances we have now. Are there any plans to add more combos to the polearm stances which we currently have, or will we need to farm a new stance to have polearms that aren't crippled compared to other melee weapons? Reaction to Eidolon Reveal: Tentatively hyped. Looks really neat, but it will live or die by the support you guys offer and what sort of loot there is. If the loot's good it'll be popular, if not, it won't. Simple as that. Also, I sincerely hope that eidolons are soloable if you're good enough. Please don't screw over solo players like you did with raids or derelict vaults. :(
  3. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Is there any chance that the polearm stances will get more moves? Compared to most other stances they have a dearth of moves, and the moves they do have are generally tricky to pull off and don't provide much reward to make up for the difficulty in doing so. It's especially noticable since there's so many polearm type weapons in this game. It'd be really nice to have polearm stances worth using for anything beyond free mod points.
  4. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    What's the progress on the focus rework you've hinted about?
  5. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Special Enemy & AI Devstream #87

    What are the lessons you've learned from nullifiers and the development they've undergone due to player feedback? How have these lessons informed your design of new enemies? (To put it another way... How do you intend to avoid the fun-related pitfalls of nullifier-esque design in the future?)
  6. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Final 2016 Devstream!

    What's the progress on making relics available through some means other than replaying endless missions over and over? Sheldon at one point talked about making them drop from eximi, and we really need something like that because we need more relics to deal with the new void system than we needed keys, but our supply of relics hasn't increased relative to keys. Also, what's happening with focus?
  7. Cpl_Facehugger

    Prime Gaming Giveaway

    I entered the contest but it didn't ask me for a form or anything, just "what platform are you on?" and I hit PC and it tells me I'm entered now. Is my information stored by DE from the founder shirt giveaway or something, or did something flub?
  8. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    With the release of the kesheg, to go along with the vaykor sydon and all the other polearms we have, is there any chance of going back and adding new combos - combos that have worthwhile effects - to the polearm stances? At present, the polearm stances have significantly fewer combos than their competitors, with those combos being difficult to pull off and quite weak when you actually do. Failing that, is there any chance we can get an actual good polearm stance? Also, in the leadup to War Within, Steve talked about how there was 200 new operator lines. I haven't heard any new lines outside of the quest, and I definitely didn't hear 200 lines there, so was this left on the cutting room floor, or simply held back? Because honestly, the operators really need better lines for general gameplay. You can only hear "corpus use tech weapons" so many times before it starts to grate.
  9. Cpl_Facehugger

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Eh. I've sunk more money into this game than I have any other game in my twenty nine years of life. I don't regret it, I've gotten enough hours of enjoyment to make it worth the investment, but I'm not too fond of being jerked around, even if I know there's no malice involved. I really think DE would benefit from keeping the hype low until they're confident the update is done and ready for deployment, then take a week and hype. We aren't at "hype timer reveals... Another hype timer!" level like we had one time in the past, but first we're told November 9th, then we're told week of November 9th, then we're told later week of November 9th, then we're told today afternoon, then... It's just with every delay the player energy putters out a little more.
  10. Cpl_Facehugger

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Thanks for the answer.
  11. Cpl_Facehugger

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    If you guys don't release tonight, will you be back tomorrow to aim for release over the weekend, or pushing back to Monday? (If you already answered this, my apologies. This thread moves really fast.)
  12. Cpl_Facehugger

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Sure. But I imagine that DE wants to minimize overtime payouts for their devs, so I'm wondering if we'll get TWW tomorrow or whether it'll be pushed back to the normal business day. I mean, I remember one of the updates... Gradivus, I think, involved hotfixes still going at 1AM DE time.
  13. Cpl_Facehugger

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    If it doesn't come tonight, will it come tomorrow (Devs working overtime again?) or will it be pushed back to Monday?
  14. Cpl_Facehugger

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #3

    I don't understand why this change was made. The Twin Heks were great. :(
  15. Cpl_Facehugger

    Coming Soon: Devstream #81!

    Presumably The War Within will include some new mechanic in order to retain the players who left during the update drought but who'll come back when the update drops since a quest alone, no matter how good, probably won't be enough. But will the focus system be getting much needed improvements at the same time? Focus is currently a case of a handful of worthwhile passives that are actually worth the effort invested, and a bunch of other powers that nobody ever uses, and the only reason people use focus in general is to activate those passives. What does DE intend to do to rectify this? (Please don't say nerf the good focus passives. :()