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  1. So does that mean we're going to have less potatoes/devstream alerts? That's probably going to hurt new players, because those alerts were one of the only reliable ways for newbies to get taters.
  2. 1. Easy enough. The dialog cues do a good job of explaining that you need to hit the resonators first. Could do with a dialog reminder to hit the eye when they're vulnerable, I guess, but that's not hugely necessary. 2. Loved it. Great fun, hoping to see it everywhere when the event is over. 3. At times I found it hard to find broken mechs to use since things get hectic in this event, but of course I have my personal mech that I use instead because it actually has mods and is thus 9000% more effective, so I haven't tried the fallen ones much. Honestly, a bigger annoyance is accidentl
  3. Fundamentally necramechs are not similarly capable at beating up sentients as warframes. Mechs carry just two weapons, their gun and their arquebex/ironbride. You remember how much of a PITA it was to fight sents before TWW gave us operator lasers to clear their resistances? I do. You needed to bring a very wide spread of elements on your three weapons to deal with sent adaptation or overpower their adaptations through brute force. (And that wouldn't likely work in lore because levels aren't a thing so you can't get by beating up level 10 battalysts with your galatine prime.) Even piloted by t
  4. Honestly, the thing that keeps me from buying it is how it doesn't apply to the hind. Hind is a burst rifle with no weird gimmicks, yet the skin doesn't apply. It's real frustrating, because the main reason I want the skin is so cover up the kuva hind's ugliness when I get it.
  5. The resource changes are great, but I'm still dismayed at how mechs still don't have any vacuum or means of healing themselves that aren't trinity bless, rejuv, or vazarin. Why can't mechs be healed by the other healing powers we have, like everything else in the game nowadays?
  6. Shooting down fighters with the ship guns/tether (don't have void hole), blowing up crewships with either the big gun or boarding with the slingshot. This isn't a "waah, I need to learn to play" issue. I can complete missions solo just fine, I'm saying that it's not very fun to do so. It's slow and clunky. Like, to take down crewships I need to either: Hop out of the pilot seat with an unskippable anim, run back to the main gun control, sit through another unskippable anim, take aim at the crewship's engine and hope that it hasn't moved out of my line of fire since, obviously, I can't mov
  7. Yes. It's currently "manageable" to do solo, but it's not particularly fun since to do anything you have to abandon the ship, which has no way of defending or repairing itself, meaning you either park the ship at the edge of the map and take forever flying in with archwing or you hope your ship doesn't get boarded/hull breached and need you to warp back with the omni. As a solo player I don't particularly need command intrinsics to complete missions, but I do need it to have fun doing them since otherwise the railjack experience is extremely slow and clunky. Deadlock
  8. More or less, but the console players got a taste of what we experience every major update with the bugs of Deimos and from what I can tell, they don't like it much at all. For us PC players, DE will usually fix the worst bugs within a week or two, consoles have to wait a lot longer in general due to the cert process. Heck, I'm not sure they've even had the necramech-archgun ammo fix yet. Moreover, DE would have* to slow down PC hotfixes a lot for cross save to be truly workable, and that would go over like a lead balloon with the fanbase. *I could maybe see a way around this if DE
  9. Bring a warframe that's got good defensive powers and cast them on the defense target. I used gara for this for a long time, since her 2 can be cast on some defense targets to give them huge DR and her 4 can be cast to protect all the other ones. Nowadays I use Oberon Prime, since renewal heals defense targets now and with my build the heal is enough to keep them alive unless I get distracted and let the enemy wail on them for awhile.
  10. Oh, right. Sorry, forgot you guys are behind. Still, something to look forward to.
  11. Have you tried it recently? Necramechs used to have a bug where the ammo regenerated very slowly which has since been fixed. I think they also fixed the disappearing warframe bug last hotfix too, except possibly for people using Umbra. Anyway, I personally like mausolon because a combination of its damage, the AOE on its primary fire, the fact that it has what amounts to opticor's bigger brother as its secondary, and especially the audio and visual effects when firing it.
  12. The difference is in the nature of the issue, I think. Status immune enemies, temporarily invincible enemies, these things feel arbitrary and unintuitive. There's no real explanation why certain enemies ignore all status effects, and it ends up feeling very gamey. In comparison "my mech won't fit in this tunnel" is immensely obvious and intuitive to everyone with a brain, so I don't expect too many people to complain. And the ones who do can get shut down easily with a "don't be stupid, DE only let us use mechs in normal missions because we asked and they were up front about how they were
  13. I honestly think this concern is overwrought. Every game that gives you pilotable minimechs like this has parts where you've got to ditch the mech to fit through tight spaces. Warframe will give you the opportunity to ditch the mech then resummon it when you get to somewhere the mech will actually fit, with that being a pretty intuitive reason for why players will have to ditch the mech for a time. Plus, the necramech with its dash gets pretty small, there aren't a huge number of doors it absolutely can't fit through - I think it might even be able to fit through those tiny round grineer hatch
  14. If the brand includes "okay grind" then PoE absolutely impacted the brand. On release, PoE had: Nested fish grinding (aka to get the next tier of fish, you had to catch the previous tier, which meant that if you wanted the best fish, you needed to farm every single fish leading up to it, with this being important because fish parts were necessary for most PoE content and also the best source of standing.) No alternative source of fish parts or gems for people who didn't like fishing or mining, no conservation for bonus standing at all, and on release didn't even have the bonus objective mechan
  15. The wolf isn't temporary?. You can buy wolf beacons from the nightwave store for credits to summon him straight to you. Honestly, I think the crime scene investigations are a good change of pace, my only complaint is how they are so slow and how the only indication that something is a clue is a slight glow that's easily missable. If the clues beeped when you got closer like mining spots with the plasma drill do and players could move at a more normal speed, I'd have absolutely no criticisms of the crime scene minigame.
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