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  1. That's an interesting theory, but it's one I don't particularly subscribe to. Player counts always decline after a major update. Not just in warframe, but every online game. The longer you go without a major update, the further they decline. See: The wait with TWW. Trying to say player counts are declining faster than before needs more data than you've provided. Armor scaling was only an issue in damage 1.0, huh? That's certainly a... Unique outlook, given how one of the most longstanding criciticisms of the game from the playerbase was armor scaling. I mean, if
  2. Since you're showing off a new mech, have you guys taken any of the mech feedback so far into account? Especially the things like lack of vacuum and how difficult they are to heal/repair? If so, how do you intend to improve mechs going forward? If not, why not?
  3. Ooh, you know, if void damage gave void traces, even like one trace per ten kills or something, I bet people would use it lots more.
  4. Because players complained about content islands. Seriously, that's the reason. Players complained about how content from each open world required you to play just that open world to get it. It's a monkey's paw type situation here, I reckon.
  5. Player count drops significantly without fresh content. DE was never going to do this. For all the playerbase says they want fixes, what they actually do when DE does this is wander off with words like "content drought" on their lips when there isn't new content bringing them back. Since DE's business relies on players buying plat and thus having players around to buy plat, they'll always have some sort of major content release in the works. And this is a good thing; the artists aren't heavily involved in fixing gameplay bugs or balance, better to have them working on the next big thing so the
  6. I'm pretty fond of tiberon prime. It's not necessarily the most powerful or ~meta~ choice, but I love how versatile it is. Long range? Switch to single shots, snipe them down with its huge magazine and decent damage. Closer? Bursts can take down tougher enemies quick with headshots. Have a ton of ammo/void buff for unlimited ammo? Automatic absolutely ruins most things. I use it a lot when doing level 5 lich nodes, so 90-110 grineer, and it's pretty effective. Perhaps not the most effective out there, but I like it. And I especially love it in open worlds where ranges are long. It's my go t
  7. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Eidolons are sentients, Amalgams are partially sentient, logically they should be more vulnerable to void damage, not less. Gameplaywise people already use their amps/void damage solely for eidolon shields anyway, nobody uses void damage to kill amalgams because other damage sources are quicker, and definitely nobody uses void damage on eidolon hull/health because a rad-modded big game rifle is so much faster for popping synovias. Bosses I can at least understand having void resist, even if I don't see the point since nobody is using their amp to s
  8. No, I got that point entirely. I'm just saying that's a really inane point. "Kills charge a cool secondary attack" as a mechanic is so broad as to be meaningless for what you're trying to prove. The actual secondary attacks they're charging differ massively, ranging from opticor's bigger brother except with immense heat procs (!), to a (somewhat janky,) homing mini-missile launcher, to what amounts to a spread of napalm ogris projectiles. You saying it's lazily copy pasted from the battacor, but by that logic every gun that shoots non-hitscan projectiles is DE lazily copying the boltor. I
  9. IIRC Fortuna's bounties spawn depending primarily on where you initiate them from. Most people get their bounties from Eudico in the city itself, so that's why most people experience the same three or four bounty locations. But if you activate the questgivers in other places, the bounties should spawn closer to them? I vaguely recall it being like this.
  10. But the grind in Warframe has always been meaningless. It's been this way since I started playing in U7. For that matter, the grind in most online games is ultimately meaningless.
  11. This is a very inane criticism. Each of the guns behaves extremely differently from one another in use, with the only real similarity being how you have to kill to charge up an altfire and how they all come from one faction. The closest DE comes to copy-pasting guns with minor stat adjustments in Deimos is comparing Battacor to Mausolon which both have similar altfires, and even that is a stretch because one's a weird automatic two-burst gun and the other is a full auto machine gun with either regenerating ammo (archwing/mech) or a deep ammo well (on foot w/gravimag). Seriously, complaining th
  12. While I agree fully that necramechs are a pain to fight solo unless you use certain loadouts, I have to point out that Octavia is absolutely amazing for killing mechs. So much so that now when I do vault runs solo, Octavia is my go to. It's kind of a game logic bug, but it's possible to skip the minute of beginning mission dialog. Bring up your menu and tap the nightwave button, then immediately back out. Nora's VO will override the mission dialog, causing the objective to spawn effectively immediately. Doesn't detract from your point any, but there is a workaround for players whi
  13. Because you really like [insert non-meta frame/weapon here]? Because you want a challenge? For bragging rights? In no way is the meta enforced by the game, it's just enforced by your desire as a player to get your reward in the shortest possible time. But the problem there is that this is all on you. DE could remove every meta weapon and frame in the game and the meta would just shift to something else. There will always be a meta, that's an inescapable outcome of having different stats/abilities/weapons. I can think of no shooter that doesn't have a meta of some sort. I can think of few games
  14. I feel like with that we'd have people complaining mightily about liches in their OW content stealing their bounty rewards. Plus, it would be pretty powerful as an anti-grind measure, possibly too powerful. I mean, if you can efficiently crack relics, get OW stuff, and farm your lich at the same time from a one stop shop, what reason do you have to do normal void fissures or normal lich nodes?
  15. The worst in this is even if you try to make variety on your own with loadouts and such you still get enforced into a certain meta, look at Eidolons with Rubico or so or Chroma, Volt, etc. ...But there's nothing saying you need rubico, chroma, or volt for eidolons. Your squadmates might kvetch at you for breaking the meta, but it's entirely possible to complete eidolons with off meta gear if you're skilled enough and have the right mods. It's just longer and not as easy, since meta = most effective tactic available. There's no enforcement here beyond "have an amp" and "have a gun tha
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