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Warframe Cinematic Speculations


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So, in this new fancy trailer (Which I loved. Great work, guys!), was it a sneak-preview of what Ash's Bladestorm will look like when it receives it's makeover?

Also, is the Ice Wave from the trailer going to be a new style for the skill?

What can you tell us about these things, DE? Are they just to add to the cinematic effect of the trailer?

Edit: New things!

Afuris sound?

Paris' resting position at Nyx's hips instead of around her shoulder? (No, she's not holding it there)

Changed the title to suit what the thread is becoming.

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Also, the sound of Ash's Afuris? Is that a thing, too?

Edit: ALSO! Looking forward to those new Grineer models!

Edit Edit: Possibly disregard the Afuris thing. Just noticed Frost's Boltor is using Latron Prime's sound, so the sound could just have been used to give a more cinematic atmosphere, like they did in the Open Beta trailer.

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