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Y'know... It just hit me...Those mission descriptors for alerts. Do you just mix random words and expect them to make sense? I'm looking at an alert right now that says "Research Facility Ambush"

... What?

I'm assuming you want me to ambush this research facility (Trough mobile defense, no less) but that wasn't the first thing that came to my mind. The first thing i though was to research a facility that was called ambush for some reason. Then i though i was suposed to research into how to ambush a facility, which also sounded strange. In the end i gathered that you're suposed to ambush this research facility (again, trough Mobile Defense, not exactly the ambushiest of missions) but even now i'm not exactly sure that's what you want me to do.

Also, for some reason ambushing a facility will give me an Energy Syphon Artifact that, i'll be honest, still have no clue of what it is. (Really dudes, what the hell is an artifact?)

So maybe i'm overthinking stuff. But i can't help but think that you just throw random words into the refrigerator and choose the ones that sounds less wierd...

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