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I think this was mentioned at some point in time (cant remember when) but Dark Sector and Warframe have got to be from the same universe, theres no doubt about it. I just bought the game Dark Sector cuz i heard that Warframe was inspired by it a bit, but then i saw the trailer from steam and was thinking "holy crap, Hayden Tenno, thats kinda interesting that the main characters name is Tenno". I kept watching and noticed later on that Haydens armor is the very same armor that Excalibur wears, kinda tripped me out a bit more, then i read in the description that Hayden was infected by the Technocyte Virus, the very same virus in Warframe that the Infested are made from.


I ended up starting to play the game and noticed the game icons are the same icons, just inverted colors and theres a robot similar to the jackal and hyena in looks, and its called the Jackal.


I also realized that as Hayden, you use a pistol and a glaive as you main weapon sets. Master of blade and gun perhaps?

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