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If/when The Trading System Comes Out..


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Everything we've been told about the trade system has revolved around mats, blueprints and mods are pure speculation as well as unlikely.


They've talked about clan trading, which would definitely be materials, but anything else is a 'maybe' and 'unlikely'.


They also talked about in-mission trading, where we could trade mods that we pick up with our squad.

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The reason Warframe does not need trading...

All there really is to do in the game, at least right now, is grind mats and mods.

If we can just freely trade them that means players who would have had lots to do, have a lot less to do.

It also introduces the RMT "services" meaning support gets bogged down between dealing with spammers, botters and account hackers.

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Because you're forced to trade, am i rite? That's what trading is supposed to do, to give you the option of bypassing time. Or helping out a buddy. If you wanna do stuff then go do it. We're humans, we've got free will. Use it.


And the trade restrictions that have been discussed countless times are to bypass those spammers, botters and hackers.

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