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Torid With Video Commentary


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- Needs alot of rework

- no exp gain on Poison cloud kills

- Could be ok for defense missions, bad for regular missions

- DoT doesnt scale, you need multishot

- Firerate helps

- Clipsize (or) Reload speed

- overall, save your Mutagen for the Acrid



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Yeah, I got the Torid to level 9 tonight; playing on Mercury... with Fire Rate and +50% AP on it, you can one-shot grineer and actually get XP without needing to aim directly for their heads. XP bug needs to be fixed, ASAP :/


The fact that damage mods don't work on the toxic gas clouds makes this a weapon you will probably never bring along for anything but low-level defense missions. The weapon is obviously far from completed. Plus, it could get its own mod that increases the gas cloud size, damage tick rate, etc.


And I really don't understand why Tenno shields are ignored completely, while every shielded enemy points their fingers at them and laughs.

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