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Is There Going To Be A Second Account Reset.


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Is there going to be a second "ONE TIME ONLY OPTIONAL RESET" ?

Is there an account reset planned after Closed Beta? (Is that 'fair'? What about leaderboards?)
No. We initially intended to reset often but the vast majority of players do not want to lose their progress despite the bumps and bruises of beta. We do reserve the right to reset if something forces us to. However, if your account is reset you will get all your Platinum back. There will be a one-time optional reset after beta for people that want to sacrifice their progress to re-spec everything. Leaderboards will be reset (and likely running on weekly, monthly cycles anyway).

ADDED: May 10th, 2013:

More details on the OPTIONAL Reset here: https://forums.warfr...-account-reset/

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its 2 time already..r u asking the 3rd reset..it wont happen!


Thanks everyone.  I reset once.  Must have missed the second reset =(.  I think reset should be optional but for a limited amount of times. eg 3 or maybe 5

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