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You can't just turn Platinum only purchases like color packs into freely obtainable items this long after they've been platinum only everyone who ever bought one would feel like an idiot.

But if you really want to go that route then fine but add timers to them like after 24 hours it disappears or something that's more fair for consumers.

Well they do have account resets, but it'd be nice if they added other ways to get them to offer people plat refunds. Still, I dont see color palletes coming. Personally I think the basic color pallete should be obtainable somehow in game, and the plat price lowered... since you only get 4 rows of colors compared to the 5 all the others get.


Regardless, as long as you could pick up lines of color, or individual colors, and as long as it was from the standard color pallette I dont think anyone would feel "like an idiot".

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More thoughts on endless defense and rewards.

Wave 5 should not give anything rare.  I'm sorry but thats just silly.  Its easy to get to wave 5 and anyone can solo it, even pluto.

Wave 5-10 should be uncommon mods like fusion core, serration, useful stuff like that.  15 and 20, and beyond should be where the rares start popping up.  Thats legit hard to get to and doesn't take an extreme amount of time to get to.

Now if you want to go past 20 and into 25, 30 and beyond?  Start giving out stuff like artifacts, "rare" warframe blueprints and maybe even some tailored for high level defense rewards.

I know we all like getting stuff easily, but its not exactly fair at all.

It is a little silly to have a 30% T2 void key drop rate on easily soloable levels. Though no to the artifacts. You can't even sell the extras, so having them as random rare rewards would be extremely frustrating to those of use who have them all. Making them useful in some way after having a single copy of all of them would change that.

I'm going to add on that the drops should still be base level and difficulty dependent like they are now. Killen shouldn't give the same rewards as Outer Terminus on the same waves. I think the best way to do this would be to make the drop tables based on the lowest enemy level present in the last wave played (5, 10, etc) and the mission's difficulty rating. This would be a pain to code, but it would be a great improvement.

Raid, capture, and intel missions need a similar change. Last I checked, M-Prime gives the same rewards as Raid missions on Pluto and Eris.

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Agreed with everything OP said.

Endless defense feedback:

Should be able to move at the extraction opportunities. I can't count how many times I was stopped right in front of a mod (which should be autowaypointed) by that choice screen. Also changing a vote should add like 5 seconds to the timer to stop trolls.

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