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Warframe Bundle Nonsense.


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My problem at the time was that there was no disclaimer saying the helmets within the avatars you purchased couldn't be used on a warframe, I know how to equip the avatars, that wasn't the issue.


But regardless I was new and didn't have a basic understanding of how things worked yet and was upset that I spent the platinum I had on avatars that I thought were usable on the warframes.


Ignore this post, I was just being silly.

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You purchase bundles for platinum so you can get avatar's for the FORUM? That's ridiculous. Put the reskinned avatar as a reskin for the warframe. Just having it as a forum avatar is nonsense.


I am very upset I payed 20 platinum for a forum avatar that's useless. I thought it was for ingame.

Uh, dude, you can use it ingame..press the Lotus symbol/gray spot/whatever you have on the top left with your mastery rank and select Avatar you wish to use. The avatar you then select is used ingame and on the forums.

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Press the picture beside the Mastery bar which is to the top left of the Solar system screen.


Once done, the pictures which you bought will be available to choose and it will also be reflected in the forums.


On a side note, looking at a person's forum picture is actually a somewhat good indication of his/her favourite frame.


In game, you can use that to roughly guess which frame the player mains and if he/she is using his/her main or just leveling something else which he/she may not be proficient with.

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