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✶ Lone Regiment ✶ [Lone Rangers & Lone Riders] -- The Soloer's Clans / Moon Tier / Completed Dojo / 100% Research -- Recruitment Thread

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=What we’re about=

Let's get right down to business. The Lone Regiment (consisting of our clans the Lone Rangers and Lone Riders) is an alliance for any and all players who don't want to deal with the complications and formalities of joining a clan, but also don’t want to miss out on the dojo-exclusive goodies that come with clans.


We do not ask that you be extremely active. We do not ask that you be a pro at the game. We do not demand that you contribute massive amounts of materials. In Lone Rangers, you are your own leader, and the only thing we ask of you is not to grief the other clan members. You can be active in the clan and help each other out, or choose to get your lab blueprints and go back to playing the way you always do, it’s all up to you.


We do have both a Steam Group and a Discord, the latter of which will be available to those that join, and we have partnered up with another alliance, the Gilded Phoenix, but joining any of these are all completely optional.


=Clan Progress=

We are currently at 900+ members and continuously growing, with a fully completed dojo. Whether it be useful clan rooms or research, you can rest assured it's been completed or, if newly released, will be completed very soon. If you require any assistance, simply ask around in clan chat and most likely some of our members will be happy to come to your aid (no promises though).


=How To Join=

How do you join? Simple. You ask, you're in. ...Or that's how it used to be. Unfortunately, the Lone Rangers has now been consistently close to max capacity for some time. Slots still open up regularly and we have opened up our secondary clan the Lone Riders to overcome the member cap, but we can still only invite so many people at a time, and it's getting harder to keep track of the list. That is why we'll have to ask you to fill out this Google Form in order to sign up. Please don't be scared, it's still incredibly simple.


All you have to do is put down your IGN on the above form and tick some checkboxes. Your name will be added to the queue and you will receive your invite as soon as we can send you one. Other than that, there's only a few things to note:

  • Make sure you don't have pending invites from other clans or are already in another clan, as apparently that keeps you from receiving other invites (i.e. ours). If you are in another clan at the time your invitation is being sent-out, you will be skipped.
  • Pending invitations will only last for 7 days, so please check frequently!
  • The minimum last log-in date to be counted as 'active' is within 25 days. If your last log-in date exceeds that, you will be considered inactive and removed to free up slots. Don't worry though, even if you were removed, if you've started playing again and wish to rejoin, all you have to do is register again and we'll send you another invite as soon as we can.
  • Depending on space or by request, you may be placed within the Lone Riders which is part of our alliance known as the Lone Regiment.

As a side note, while this is not mandatory and won't affect your queue time, we'd appreciate if you can leave a message on this thread anyway after registering to keep it bumped up. Thanks!

Here's the current invite queue, so you can check if your registration got through and your position on the queue:




Top Clan for Tier 3 during Spy Drone Event. 2 members in Top 100.

Third place for "Grandfathered" Tier during Formorian Event.

Fifth place for Moon Tier during Arid Fear Event.

Rank 9 for Moon Tier during Cicero Crisis.

Rank 6 for Moon Tier during Tethra's Doom.

Rank 10 for Moon Tier during Eyes of Blight.

Rank 10 for Moon Tier during False Profit.

Hema research completed (That counts as an achievement I'd say).

Rank 13 for Moon Tier during Pacifism Defect, i.e. within top 10%, Ignis Wraith research completed.

Rank 15 for Moon Tier during Ambulas Reborn.

Among others, but the list is getting long.

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[A message from the original founder, BramBlackmon]


When I first started this clan, I did not expect to see the numbers I have now. In my mind most people wanted a clan with organization, clear rules, and leadership. This was never what we were about. We have been and will continue to be a clan dedicated to that old french revolutionary motto, "Ni Dieu, Ni Maitre" 
Neither God, Nor Master.
This Clan was built for those who would rather miss out on content than have their personal enjoyment play second fiddle to a Clan Leader's ego. We take everyone, regardless of their ability to help us, and with the completion of our dojo we have no need for help.  You will never be required to do anything but play the way you want to play.  
I'm shocked at how many people this appeals to, but in the end I am not surprised. We came together, we accomplished great things, we helped each other, even at great personal cost, all without anyone forcing our hand, because at heart, people are good and kind, and it doesn't require someone waving threats or promises in our face to get us to play nice with one another. 
Whoever you are, wherever you may be, if you are sick of being bossed around, if you have grown weary of clans that promise community but never deliver, We are here to welcome you with open arms. There is always room under our banner for the free at heart.
I am proud of my brothers in arms, and I hope you'll be one of them.
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