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[SPOILERS] TWW, mobility and you


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So I've been running around, doing some tests, and I've found an interesting bit of interaction between the Operator and Warframe:
When you switch modes, acrobatic maneuvers are reset.

This means you can change to your Operator, void-dash quite some distance, switch back to Warframe, bullet-jump, aim-glide for a couple seconds, then switch back and repeat.

By doing this you can practically fly. More effectively than Zephyr, with some practice.
And it costs NO ENERGY.

I'm looking forward to the possibilities.

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and i'm looking forward to the bugs:

i did this on sortie part 2 today and my health/shield, my revive counter and many things become really bugged, basically didn't refresh anymore

so bugged that didn't come back right after my reconnection (obviously, i wasn't the host)

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