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The War Within


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Hello all.

This following is a poem I composed a bit inspired by The War Within quest. Of course, it has my take on it, but it has the Lotus in it. The everlasting voice of doom (in my opinion) who drags you back. (Yeah, I`m not a fan of the Lotus.)

It may not be for everyone, but if you like it, I`m glad you did.



Dream, my child, not of this wretched world tainted by sin, 

Not of this War we fight yet never win, 

Not of this pain that shatters our every hope, 

Not of this crying nature we can no longer cope.


Dream, my child, not of this passing pain, 

But dream of love and light and life which isn't vain.

Of hope that you are many and fighting side by side.

That you have won, my dear, that you no longer hide.


Dream, my child, dream now, of peace, 

Not of this world that's falling piece by piece.

Not of this loneliness you suffer every day,

Not of this darkness that always finds a way..




And yet, awake you are, fighting your own war,

And still in pain you are, stronger than before.

And still you cry, and still you fall

And your wounds bleeding, made by them all.


Dream, of a world that's better, not dying, like this hell,

Dream, ..


"I will not dream!

I will not fall asleep.

I will keep fighting, I have oaths to keep, 


Through wounds, through pain, 

Through tears that I shed in vain, 

For I will end the wars, the darkness, 

And shine my light throughout the hearless


So they can love, so they can win, 

For all this life comes from Within!"



I hope this wasnt too deep for yall. 







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3 minutes ago, kasalaba said:

I thought I made a mistake because I read it while listening to music. But I read it again without music and I was wrong. It hits me right in the Tenno feels every time.

I wrote it while listening to this:

3 minutes ago, nelson1993 said:

That's really nice. Well done, Tenno.

Thank you! I`m glad you liked it!


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4 hours ago, Anavi_Ivy said:

We need this made into audio track, like read while "Your decisions make you" is played in background.

Thank you! I`m glad you like it!! 

If you`d like to give it a go, you can try. My voice is not very melodic. The only problem would be how realistic the emotions would be transmitted. 

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