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Gram And Scindo?



My buddy and I recently built the Gram sword and Scindo.
So far, they seem to be simply a re-skinning of one another. We haven't noticed any technical differences between the two. We see the same reach, damage, and AOE on the ground bash. The animations are the same too. 

What are the obvious practical differences between the two weapons?

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Gram has a slightly higher speed and a slightly lower base dmg/reach, I think.

reach in this game doesnt have a huge difference between all the heavy weapons imo...feels almost the same. and i glady compensate the reach by moving an extra step for the extra speed than extra dmg. 

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with maxed fury, i can tell the difference between Scindo and Gram, and even thought it's not that much, i found myself easier to dispatch multiple infested enemies when swarmed even with that little different using Gram, and i found myself much, more easier to hit an enemy with Scindo as it have wider cleave hit box, not sure about longer reach, but i can confirm myself that it have wider cleave.

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