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Betting On Duels


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I would like to see a betting system for duels. how awesome to be a spectator and be able to bet on the duels in the room. I want to be able to bet credits or materials...


obviously there would need to be a leaderboard system in place to help you decide, but this could be an entirely unique experience for this game.


I know it's far fetched, but this game is so linear in it's approach that i feel it needs some more options for things to do with your credits and time. At this point its farm, farm, farm, farm.


I wish there was an open market, but i know that apparently isn't going to happen, which frustrates me since i've played Eve Online for a few years and have experienced the best market ever in a game. (even Global Agenda's market was pretty good, and this game is quite similar to it.)


Anyways, i just feel like there needs to be more "occupations" than just running missions over and over and over again. This will change a bit with maps someday being non-linear with multiple paths, then Explorer will be viable as a play style. And once stealth stuff is better implemented, then Assassin will be an option... but til then, Grinder is all you can be.


I'm basically just dreaming and thinking outload here I guess.... have a happy day.


(and don't forget to mark materials when playing.)

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