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Constant Damage


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At times in missions, exclusively against infested enemies, my character will seemingly randomly begin to take damage. Dodge rolling, meleeing, and respawning (such as from falling out of the map) does not stop this damage. When using Nyx's Absorb ability, she does not take damage, but she also doesn't gain stacks for the blast, although once she stops the Absorb ability, the damage resumes. When doing a defense mission, the damage pauses during the extract/continue selection screen, only to resume once I start the next wave. Nobody else seems to have this problem, or at least nobody's admitted to it when I've asked if they know what's going on. The damage can be lessened by friendly Ancient Healer auras and the Nekros Augment "Shield of Shadows." I believe Rhino's Iron Skin also pauses the damage until Iron Skin breaks, but I haven't been able to figure out what's causing the issue, so I can't reliably replicate it when I want to.

If this is some kind of mechanic I don't know about, I'd like some information about it, and if it's a bug, I'd like to know if anything is being done about it.

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Same thing happened to me Four times on missions against infested. It seems to happen against high level infested (starting to lv 40) and happened to a clan mate and also another player who told me to post on forum.

The thing is, it seems to be a bugg because there is no red debuff on the UI (toxin or viral). Once the shield is down, these damages go to life and it seems to drain more and more the longer I stay in the mission. Also, it is not the freeze effect because it happened on another saturn mission against infested.

Please correct this or provide further information. It is quite annoying and shorter my excavations (cholistan for example).

And, of course it never happened to me before "War within" update :)

Thank you.

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My brother and I are also experiencing it on any infested levels, it seems to start after getting in a mutalist moa's swarm cloud, but the effect never cancels/times out like it's supposed to, definitely seems like a glitch, sometimes dying and being revived stops it, but otherwise it never ends.

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