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Kitsune Themed Warframe


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A kitsune is a mythical fox spirit of Japanese folklore. A kitsune themed warframe would be very iteresting. Being a fox it would be light and swift. The kisune is also associated with magical properties, so a higher base power stat of 150 or so would be fitting. Another ability of the kitsune is its ability to shapeshift. The introduction of shapeshifting would be very interesting. The way this could be done is you simply move the crosshairs over the set target and use your shapeshifting ability to turn into the target that you are aiming at. This will basically work like Ash or Loki's invisibility where you can remain undetected by enemies. However If the player were to attack while shapeshifted it has a 50% chance of causing chaos among enemies, causing them to open fire on each other. This will be playing into the kitsune's mischevious and even malicious personality. However the other 50% is that the enemy finds out you are a fake and you get hit instead. Another quality of the kitsune is that it is believed to also be guardian spirits. An ability called Spirit Aura will cause the kitsune to go into a ghost-like spirit stage. In this stage the warframe can not recieve or deal damage. Instead it would work similar to the corpus ospreys. Not only would it give nearby alies a shield boost but it would also restore shields for a period of time. Another name associated with the kitsune is the ninetales. As the fox spirit grows older and stronger it gets a new tail. The fox can have as many as nine tails. An unranked Kitsune will have only one tail eventually obtaining tails. By the time the warframe gets to level 30 it would look like it has all nine tails. The primary color of this warframe would be white as the secondary would be red and the accent color woule be either gold or orange. The white and red hint at its Japanese origin. 

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