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(Spoilers!) The War within Bug!


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Hi. I need help with a serious problem or bug in the game or the Quest War Whithin.

The problem is, that when you go to fight with the guardian kuva, you have to do the transfer / press number 5. It does not do any transfer and the frame stays the same.
Already tried Changing the button to others (6 or 7 or p) and still does nothing. Already exited the game to prove that if those keys work and operate normally.

And the worst thing is that I can not restart the quest either, start over since when you go out and enter the game you get exactly where you left off.

If you can tell me something about what to do now or some solution I would be very grateful. I've been playing that game for about 2 or 3 months and I do not want to lose the account I use, I'm waiting for your answers.

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