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Riven Mod Weapon Idea


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So one thing that kind of worries me about Riven mods is the fact that they are assigned to a random weapon and not the weapon you equipped it to. Granted I do understand why DE is doing this. By doing this there is a chance that you will start to use a weapon that you haven't used before.

My only issue is that some of us don't do sorties and more likely then not the only way we are going to get more Riven mods is by spending money for them. Thus if someone like me wants a Riven mod for our Prisma Gorgons or Ignis, we have to be either really lucky or have plenty of plat to spend.

As a result I came up with an idea, rather then making it so that the Riven mod turns in for the weapon you have it equipped to, have an item in the game that can be equipped in the gear slot like one of the dragon keys (also can only have 1 equipped at a time) that will make it that the Riven mod has an increased chance of being for the weapon it is equipped to.

This way there is still some RNG, however the player will feel that they have a little more control over how their Riven mod works.

So how would one go about obtaining this item, here are a few ideas:

-Baro Kiteer, the Void Trader

-A rare drop from the kava squid things.

-Perhaps a rare drop for completing one of the new assault missions.

-Upon completing the War Within quest the item becomes visible in the marketplace for about the same price as a Focus Lens.

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