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  1. Dear Tenno Santa, The only thing I have on my list is weapon slots. I am running very low and I am sure I will be running lower when the next update finally comes to xbox one. Of course, Orokin catalysts would be good too. Thank you just for reading this message and have a happy Tennobaum.
  2. Normally I'm not a big fan of Revenant, however with a look like this, I could see myself playing him more.
  3. So... any chance consoles will be getting the Deimos Arcana update before the year ends? Or maybe some more tennogen?
  4. I really wish we had a head for Wisp that was like this (or something like this). Just so I could fulfill my witchy wisp desires. But seriously, why has no one done something like this for wisp? It fits the frame's theme fairly well and we've had frames with "hats" before, such a Hydroid, Mesa, Limbo, and many frames that got hoods through tennogen (not that I'm complaining), including Wisp herself. Of course, if need be I can maybe try to create some of my own artwork for such a design (since I lack the hardware and digital knowledge to try to create a tennogen skin myself).
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