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  1. Limbo isn't the only frame that can wear hats you know. Ivara, Gara and even Wisp (they're are hoods but still) have either had alt helmets with hats or tennogen with hats. This thread is to try to encourage someone to create a witch hat for Wisp.
  2. As the title suggests, I would like to discuss how a potential augment mod might work for Khora's Ensnare ability. We already have both Equinox's and Baruuk's "sleep" abilities have cloned augment mods so I am hoping we will have an augment mod for Ensnare that changes things up a little. Maybe an armor decrease on Ensnared enemies or perhaps Khora (or the warframe that has this ability though Helminth) gains an armor increase for enemies that are ensnared (there would probably be a maximum number of stacks, like 5 or something). What do you all think?
  3. So I get that we aren't getting the new tennogen items, however there are still some older (some not so old) items that still haven't made it onto consoles. When are we getting those?
  4. So I have a Panzer Vulpaphyla and I want to give it a tentacle monster sounding name... so, does anyone have any clever suggestions? 😆
  5. YESSSSSSS!!! 😆😆😆 *cough* *clears throat.* I'm glad to hear that. 😄
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