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  1. Is it possible that we could get more infested parts from this in the future, like some infested moa parts?
  2. So I tried to trade a Kuva Lich today and Warframe not only kicked me out but now I can't log back in. Did the server go down or do we actually have a massive bug on our hands that makes Warframe unplayable?
  3. With the new exilus adapter for weapons, I am curious, what do you all think would be are some good exilus mods to run on a Prisma Gorgon?
  4. Oh boy. Am I excited for this update or am I excited for this update?
  5. On the next devstream I would like to see an estimated date for Old Blood coming to consoles, if Tennogen will be coming with it and any news on the Equinox Deluxe skin.
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