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  1. Currently the glyph can be acquired from Baro on PC. Sadly not on consoles (or at least not on xbone).
  2. Anyone see the last devstream? I am so pumped for that ephemera and for that vampire kavat species.
  3. Could we learn what the next deluxe skin will be?
  4. I just wish we could have some day of the dead sentinel armor. Maybe a skin for the Komorex.
  5. Thank you for letting us know. While I am saddened by the lack of tennogen, I understand that you all are doing your best and I look forward to those future bundles. Thank you.
  6. As you can guess by the title, I was looking at the new Infested enemy, Undying Flyer in the codex and after seeing the tentacley thing on it's back I really would love it if that was turned into a syadanna for our warframes. I'm not sure if anyone else agrees with me on that, but I certainly hope DE sees this and at least considers the idea.
  7. As weird as this might sound, what is the likelihood of you making a Graxx Titania or Khora?
  8. Well, here is to the Wisp skin, let us hope that it makes it to consoles as well.
  9. Normally, I would be excited to see more tennogen, however since we are still missing tennogen on consoles (even among the more recent waves) there is no guarantee that anything I want that makes it will actually be available to me.
  10. Here is me, hoping for news on either the Equinox or Titania Deluxe Skins.
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