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  1. I will say that a nun/priestess (with a hood) themed Trinity skin would be pretty cool.
  2. This is just something that I've kind of been thinking about, while I do like the Egyptian aesthetic and while it looks nice (sometimes) on Inaros, I think it might be kind of cool if we could get some Egyptian themed tennogen for some of our other frames. Like maybe a Cleopatra themed Nyx (or maybe Wisp), a Bastet Khora, maybe an Anubis (or Osiris) based Nekros. I certainly think it would be kind of fun and I'm sure there are others who might find it intriguing if it was portrayed properly.
  3. So I'm confused, because while I had bought the Mirage skin, I am still lacking the animations to use on my other warframes.
  4. I'm not a huge fan of the Eros Wings personally (that's just me) but I could see the Valesti Syadanna working with the fallen angel concept. Well, I hope everything goes well wit the Revenant skin, he's not my favorite frame, however I'd actually consider playing him more with that skin. Also looking forward to the vampire wisp concept. I'm not too sure why you're going with the vampire theme (Aside from maybe her 3rd ability, I'm not too sure what ability fits that theme) but I'm sure that I'll love it none the less.
  5. I kind of hope we see this update this Tuesday, however I feel that we won't see it until maybe the week after.
  6. Well, I'll use the Youkai helmet (because of the horns), then depending on how it looks I might try the deluxe skin (if it looks bad, then I'll have to reevaluate the body skin) for the body and pick a syadanna that either gives her a slender tail (the one from Khora's deluxe could work) or wings. As for abilities, I'm thinking of maybe giving her gloom. We'll see. If I come up with a build I like, maybe I'll stick an umbral forma on her.
  7. I'm super excited to have your Octavia skin soon. Guess I'll have to make some Succubus Octavia designs.
  8. I didn't expect to see this so soon. I'm super excited to see the new tennogen added to the game as well as the improvements to gloom.
  9. I don't see the point behind this. I like fashion frame and I think the new frame could bring forth some interesting fashion frame and gameplay potential (especially with the potential Exalted K-drive/Glaive), so I don't see why you have to nitpick at my opinion. That just seems awfully silly to me. But best of wishes to your too.
  10. Yareli kind of makes me think of a sea witch and that excites me.
  11. I love this frame too. She kind of feels like a deep sea frame or even a sea witch. If they gave her a jellyfish themed witch hat based alt helmet, I'd love it.
  12. Right now the resources for Sevagoth aren't currently available for Tennogen artists... However, I won't deny that I'm curious to see what Vulbjorn will do with it when the time comes. Admittedly, I am still hoping to see an Infested Wisp skin in the future.
  13. I am afraid you are mistaken, Mirage doesn't have a deluxe skin (at least not until now), though I can see the confusion considering how Mirage's Prime skin is so awesome looking that it feels like a deluxe skin.
  14. So when can we expect to receive the Mirage Deluxe skin, since PC apparently has it and we... well... don't?
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