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  1. I'm hoping the Mirage Deluxe and perhaps even some Tennogen will make it onto console with this update too.
  2. The thing is, Hitsu San's Octavia skin has already been confirmed to be in the next round of Tennogen, while Hitsu San hasn't made a skin for Volt yet (as far as I know). Personally I would prefer to see Hitsu San make a Wisp skin (especially if he gives her a Witch themed helmet), however Hitsu San also has a habit of making skins that make me want to play warframes that I don't usually play, so a Volt skin would be pretty awesome to see.
  3. I guess it is a fox. But yeah, it definitely feels like a bug to me and I really hope that DE will get around to fixing it.
  4. So the thing that makes me really sad is that I can customize and give my Vulpaphyla some great colors... yet as soon as it dies and goes larval, the larvae will be just the base default colors. It just feels a little disappointing putting in all the work only for it to matter when my infested tentacle kitty is alive and not in it's larval form. If DE could fix this and have it that the colors apply to the larval form as well, that would be great. Thank you.
  5. There's a couple cool wisp skins that I really like... but sadly probably won't make it this round. Hopefully the next one. Though I'm really hoping Khora Graxx makes it. Steam Workshop::Khora Graxx (steamcommunity.com) Also HitsuSan's Revenant and Octavia skin.
  6. Dear Tenno Santa, The only thing I have on my list is weapon slots. I am running very low and I am sure I will be running lower when the next update finally comes to xbox one. Of course, Orokin catalysts would be good too. Thank you just for reading this message and have a happy Tennobaum.
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