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  1. Is there any news on a Wisp Deluxe skin? Surprised this one hasn't been made already.
  2. Yeah, that is a shame, I thought it was a great skin, I would have loved to use the head with Revenant's deluxe skin. Personally I'm looking forward to Wisp Zamariu as well as her Coven skin (fingers crossed).
  3. Yeah, I'm excited. Wouldn't mind seeing a new skin for Revenant either. Hopefully Hitsu-san updates his so that it can make it in.
  4. I mean, this is a step in the right direction. The main issue (that I think everyone can agree upon) is the fact that there isn't much in the way of forward attacks (aside from riding the ghoulsaw, which apparently stops on enemies). If you could hold down the attack button to keep the ghoulsaw running (instead of mashing the button) that would be a HUGE improvement. Also maybe bumping the Crit Chance to 20% and the Status to 30% might be a decent improvement.
  5. So... those of us who have to work tomorrow... will just have to miss out on the Umbra Forma... Well, that's a shame.
  6. I can tell you now, there are more than a few beautiful Wisp skins that I would LOVE to see make it this round.
  7. Yeah I would have liked to see more items added to tennogen tools (has sword and shield been added yet, also we need tennogen items for some of those kitguns like primary Vermisplicer) as well as news as to when we can expect to see Round 21.
  8. So... while it's nice seeing you guys addressing some of these issues... what is the chance that we'll see some more improvements to Yareli's kit (I love this frame, but she still needs a few more tweaks to make her kit better).
  9. First off, let me just say that I really like Yareli and her abilities, the only thing I have a gripe with is the lack of synergy (and that Merulina isn't an exalted K-drive), so let me off some ideas that not only could make her abilities synergize better but potentially even alter the Helminth landscape slightly. Sea Snares and Riptide don't just do cold damage but can also proc the cold status effect. This would make her a bit more of a crowd control frame while also making my next suggestion work. Aquablades does increased damage to enemies that are afflicted by the cold status effect. This not only makes it that the blades synergize with Sea Snares and Riptide, but also means it can synergize with subsumed abilities that proc the cold status, which could make people interested in trying out this abilities (like Thermal Sunder) on Yareli but also makes Aquablades more appealing on frames that have abilities that create cold status procs. It would also make weapons that deal the cold status a bit more powerful/useful. Aside from that, the only other thing that I think would make Yareli truly better would be making Merulina into an exalted k-drive. Sure you could allow ranged mods to increase Aquablades range, however I actually feel like doing so would actually do more harm to the ability then people actually believe (after all the blades deal damage to enemies that touch the blades, not enemies within a radius determined by the blades. So there's my penny for my time. Have a good day.
  10. Sorry, I know this is probably considered necroposting... but... Well, it looks like someone has finally created a Witch Wisp skin, that's right, not just an alt helmet but and actual skin. Check out what Malaya has made: Steam Workshop::Coven Wisp Skin (steamcommunity.com) This skin looks amazing, please go support the original creator for their hard work. Malaya, if you see this, know that I think you are awesome!
  11. I was given a 4 day weekend for July 4th by my company... and this update has to come out the day I go back to work. lol.
  12. I will say that a nun/priestess (with a hood) themed Trinity skin would be pretty cool.
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